Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday and New Blog Intro!


One year ago today, I started this blog to chronicle my marriage preparations for my wedding last summer! It was SUCH a great opportunity to share with friends and family, make a record that will last for a lifetime of my wedding experience, AND a great chance to network and connect with other brides and vendors!

One of my favorite things was being a Bride Blogger for Ashley's Bride Guide! It was a great experience that helped me meet a lot of my favorite vendors! And Ashley herself is amazing AND can throw a great party!! :)

The BEST  of the BEST you can find here:

Cakes by Shara   -    blog
Bledsoe Photo
    -    blog
Designs in Paper
-    blog

All of these people went above and beyond and made me feel more like a friend than a customer! They were all AMAZING!!

This isn't the end of this blog, but it probably will be a little less frequent (not that it wasn't sporadic to begin with!). I still have lots of ideas on sharing about my newlywed life, and it's possible that I will be helping to plan a wedding this summer, so that will give me lots of great wedding stuff to continue blogging about!

Today, on the anniversary of this blog, I am unveiling a BRAND NEW BLOG!!!!


You all know I was a "Bride on a Budget," and now I am a "Wife on a Budget!" Saving money is in my genes! My grandmother and mom have always been great deal seekers, and it's pretty much come naturally to me!

Around the time I started planning my wedding and got introduced to the world of blogging, I started discovering not only wedding blogs, but money saving blogs! I discovered SOOO many ways to save money using coupons and other great deals you can find online.

I've had so many people ask me about how I do it, that I decided to create my own blog to help! :) This blog will be updated OFTEN, hopefully daily! Visit my welcome page for an intro and visit the rest of the blog  for great ideas on saving money!

One of my weekly topics is "Wedding Wednesday," where I'll share great ideas for saving money while planning a wedding, or for attending (gift, travel ideas, etc!) I'm excited to be able to tie this blog to my new one in this way!

So, check out the vendors (even if just for ideas if you are far away!) AND be sure to check out and bookmark my new blog!

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  1. Happy One Year!!!! You are a fantastic blogger and I wish you many great blog days ahead. Thanks for all of your contributions to ABG. Look forward to Daisy's Deals and Wedding Wednesdays.


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