Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Card Time!

I'm ALL about free stuff. I'm big into couponing....even tried to write a blog about that, but I just wasn't passionate about it!

I try every year to get our Christmas cards made for free. So far, I've been pretty successful! Those things can be expensive!!

I ordered some a few weeks ago from an offer that's no longer available, but wanted to share about this one. Nope, I'm not gonna get anything from it if you order anything (although I do get $10 off my next order for blogging about it, just wanna keep it real here! So you can even ignore this if you want!).

You can sign up here through House Party to send your friends 10 free cards- just send the offer to 5 different friends, and you'll get a free shipping code. I received an email for the 10 free cards, and shared it to get 10 free cards PLUS free shipping codes!

Then I easily uploaded my pics from Bledsoe Photography (yes, I have an awesome photog who gives us the right to print her pics however we like!), and got to work making our card!

I have to say.....this was THE easiest photo making process I've experienced so far. Lots of other sites have been slower or more difficult to load and move pics around. This was a BREEZE!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Pretty sure I'll be using my $10 credit to order more of these....as long as it comes soon enough! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coffee please!!

I have a serious addiction!

Ok yes, I have an addiction to making signs.....but I also have an addiction to coffee!! Why not combine those addictions! :)

This one I designed for a customer, who liked my french signs, but wanted it to be about coffee. I made her an opposite colored one, and used the negative of the stencil to make this one.


Another with similar wording, but a mug this time, if you aren't into the vintage graphic....


And a nod to my favorite drink of the season........


Love these ladies for hosting these great parties!!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Business updates- Facebook, Craft fair, and Etsy!


I have pics of all my signs currently available for sale posted on my Facebook business page!

Check it out, like the page, and contact me if you are interested in anything! We can set up a Paypal payment, so your purchase is secure! You can always contact me at daisysfavoritethings at yahoo dot com if you want to place an order!

Also I'm planning on some giveaways soon, from my own stuff, and from a few other businesses! Yay!! So be sure to like my page to learn about the giveaways quickly!


I'll be selling signs this Saturday (Nov 5th) at Mount Juliet Christian Academy in Mt. Juliet, TN! I'm super excited about this huge event. This will be my second craft fair, and I'm glad one this huge isn't my first!! You can find out more about this event if you are local by visiting their facebook page.

MJCA Shopping Extravaganza

Yep, totally been slacking here! I haven't known what to post for sale and what to keep out for the craft fair I did last month and one this weekend, so there is nothing in it still!!

Honest, next week (or asap after this weekend!), it'll be loaded up!! I have lots of new ideas for stuff that I want to make that I feel has a little bit more of an "etsy" feel vs the craft fair feel! :)

Go ahead and check out my shop to favorite it, so you'll know when stuff is added!

And because I hate to leave a post without a pic......here's a sneak peek at the professional pics we had done this week (because I needed another crazy activity to add to my schedule!!). Picture by Shanell Bledsoe, my fave photog!!

My little girl LOVES being outside!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Subway Art

Yesterday, I posted some fall subway art, and I figure since it's November 1st, it's ok to start with Christmas, right?? I mean we'll still be displaying our fall stuff *wink.* But dreaming of Christmas started about two months ago for me!!

While I only made one design for fall, I made several for Christmas!

Nativity Subway art



Christmas Carols Subway art



Fantasy Christmas



Monday, October 31, 2011

Hop on the Subway!

I made a ton of Subway art recently, and I'm having a hard time letting it go!

I *may* have had it hanging around my house in between craft fairs! :)

Here's some fall subway art I've been working on in several colors! A few of them are already gone, some will hopefuly be gone after this weekend!





Is there anything better about fall than a Pumpkin Spice latte?? Or milkshake?? :) Until recently it was still definitely warm enough for milkshakes still! Speaking of Pumpkin Spice.....I've got some coffee signs coming soon, but next up is Christmas Subway Art!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Rosette Wreath


So after weeks of making signs for the craft fair, I was ready to do some fall decorating and some crafting other than signs! (No worries, I'm still making signs and working on custom orders!)

As soon as I saw this wreath, I knew I had to make something similar!

I love, love, love the Shanty 2 Chic sisters! They inspire me constantly!

I used their rolled rosette tutorial to make the burlap flowers.

I'd already been rolling flowers for other projects (some for signs, some for recent gifts!) and doing lots of other stuff with hot glue lately, so I went simple and only filled up about a 3rd of the wreath.

I also tried some mini pumpkins on it, but I wasn't thrilled with them. Thought they looked kind of goofy!

Everything I already had on hand, so just now it was a free wreath, but I'd say in reality, it cost me under $3 in reality since the H was $1 at Hobby Lobby, the wreath was from the Dollar Tree, and the burlap was from a scrap I got at a yard sale!




Love these ladies for posting these great parties!!

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays Tip Junkie handmade projects

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My first craft fair!


So my first craft fair wasn't a huge $$ success, but it WAS a success in that I met a lot of great people, got the word out about my signs, and made a little $$ to boot! There wasn't as much traffic as I'd expected, but it was such a great thing that I actually got started in this new venture in my life!

I prepared over 100 signs for the fair, so I have loooots of inventory to sell now!

I had a great booth neighbor, who I plan on doing some swapping, promoting each others stuff!

I traded for a few things with other vendors, so I walked away with some great stuff!!

And now I know how to set up and run a booth, so I'm very happy with how things went!

Now, I'm ready to find the bottom of all the piles that accumulated in my house while I was knee deep in sign projects!!

So far, everything is clean except my room (always the last to be cleaned!) and the garage which was project central and is now littered with signs that need a place to be stored (but hopefully not for long!)

Here's a few more peeks at my booth!

Beachy display

Chalkboard Sign for the booth

Subway Art on my dad's ooooold ladder! Looooved this display and love my dad for putting it together and letting me put nails in his ladder! I love this ladder and have already laid my claim on it for when he's done!

Main table with Christmas signs and other random signs. The room divider behind was also my dad's idea, and it was perfect for hanging up my bunting and a few signs! I never even thought of putting anything up like that, and I'd love to get old shutters for next time!

A closer look at all the random signs, and blessings blocks.

A closer look at the Christmas signs!

Fall table. Loved this display! With my pumpkins I made last year and a rag bunting I threw together recently when I was tired of making so many signs in a row!

This Frenchy display was possibly my favorite! I found this vintage blue suitcase at a huge church yardsale the week before. The blue perfectly matched the ribbons in the 8x10 signs, and I used my Paris clothespins from Shabby Creek Designs (Gina is my etsy superstar, aqua-loving, Shabby-beachy-chic hero!!)

I'm adding a facebook page soon, and will announce it here. If you'd like to purchase any of my signs they are going there first at discounted prices through October, then will hit the etsy store (plus more!). I realize that unless you know me, you'll probably want to buy through etsy, so I'll set up a special listing at the current prices if you'd really like something!