Monday, March 31, 2008

Candy Direct!

My great friend Jessica used this company for her wedding candy bar, and suggested I look into it after reading my previous post about my search for Easter candy!

They have some great stuff, at a pretty good prices!

Check out this blue candy.....


Chocolate Milkies      Rock Candy         Jelly Bellys

They even have candy organized by color, which makes it easy to shop for candy to coordinate with your wedding colors!! As I've mentioned before, I already have lots of Blue M&M's and Jelly Bellys, but will probably look into more candy from here!

My mom got these cute margarita glasses from Walmart (from there summer dishes collection they always have!) to put candy in! Such a cute idea! I'd seen them but didn't think to use them for this!!

Happy candy shopping! :o)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The great registry debate!

or or neither??

So, Ray and I are full-on into registry mode! I didn't realize so many people would be asking about it so soon, so we are getting at it as fast as we can! We're already totally set on Bed, Bath & Beyond and getting everything we can there! So far we've nailed down our bedroom linens, bathroom stuff, china, and lots of kitchen gadgets. We haven't chosen lots of decorative stuff, or any basic kitchen theme stuff- pot holders, dish towels, everyday dishes, etc. I wasn't crazy about any of what they have, so I thought we'd do Target. However, in talking to several recent brides, I've hardly heard one good thing about their return policies and their registry updates! In the store they even tell you it takes up to 3 hrs for it to update online. Every thing at BB&B is real time updates, they have NO problems with exchanges even without receipts, and they even give cash for returned items. I've heard nothing but good about that store!

I have had hassles in the past with returning stuff at Target. They only allow you two returns a year without a receipt- even when you are just getting store credit! And I tend to get lots of gifts from there! I looooooove the store! I've mentioned lots of good stuff I've found there on my blog already! But I do hate their return policy! I've been stuck with two pairs of the same shoes from Kerri's wedding, well since last summer!! They still have them, still regular price and they've never been worn and I can't return them!! Keep meaning to get Ray to do it for me, but until then, they sit in my trunk!

I know that Walmart is getting tougher on returns, but I'm just wondering about their wedding gift return policy and how good their registry is. I did think it was kinda ghetto to register at Walmart, but hey-that's where I do a lot of my shopping on a regular basis. They are getting much cuter stuff in the home sections, and some of the stuff I actually like better than Target! And I've heard lots of people say lately that they WISH they'd registered at Walmart- at least just to get the gift cards!

So, what's a girl to do?! I do have several things on my Target registry, but the only thing I just can't do without from there are these picture frames....


 (plus a few more!)

which go oooooh so well with our Nautica bedspread we picked out (Ray's favorite thing of ALL! He loves Nautica like I love Roxy!)

(believe me, I will totally girlie this up!! :o) )

Do I stick with Target? Or drop it for Walmart? I'd like to give people more choices than just BB&B, and I'm not too fond of registering at any department stores, which I never shop at otherwise!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meet "The Fabuless Bride"

Recently, Ashley of Ashley's Bride Guide asked me to be a featured guest blogger on her site! Super excited about it, I immediately agreed, and she set to work creating my blogger image (above) which I am also totally excited about! Most of my entries on her site will come from this one, but you can still go check me out there by going to my page on her site!

The Fabuless Bride is my new persona- as I am a bride on a mission to create a fabulous wedding at the cheapest price possible!! Trying to save up that extra money for our honeymoon or stuff for our new place (wherever that might be!!).

If you are just reading my blog, and haven't visited Ashley's, you really should! It's specifically for Nashville Brides, but has lots of great info on wedding trends/style that any bride could use!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun shops for gifts, invitations, and more!

I looooove to shop! I don't know many girl's who don't!! There are a few shops in Nashville that I love, but I am starting to discover more throughout my wedding planning! I'm also a sucker for little beach or gift shops in and around Wilmington, NC (one of my fave places in the world!)

The other day my mom had me check out the Puffy Muffin  on Franklin Road in Brentwood, TN for our bridal luncheon. It's cute, but I think their room is too small for us! Anyways, next door is an ADORABLE store- Hot Pink. I'd seen it before, and always wanted to stop in, but I hadn't  yet! Kerri was with me, and well...I didn't have to twist her arm to go into a cute store and do some shopping!! We really just browsed because we'd already both spent too much money at the mall, but I did see some beautiful stuff!! I've heard that the sales people aren't that friendly, and they didn't really talk to us, but I was too interested in browsing around to really notice!

I especially liked the new collection from Mindy Weiss- an elite wedding planner! Lots of her stuff is in shades of blue and is totally adorable! Slippers that say "I do," wedding organizers, and lots more! Her stuff should be available soon online in her shop!

Here's a small pic of her wedding organizer...

Her stuff isn't cheap, but isn't too overly priced either!

Here are some of my other favorite stores, or stores on my research list that carry either gift items, stationary supplies, or both!!

Hot Pink
231 Franklin Rd
Brentwood, TN
(615) 376-5552

The Mall at Green Hills
2126 Abbott Martin Road, Space 244 
Nashville, TN

 **Some of their stuff is also at Target and Swoozie's (see below!), but I looooove looking around at all the stationary, cards, etc. there!!

I can already tell...this is one of those places that although I really want to go....maybe I shouldn't!! I will want to buy it all!! :o) Also in Green Hills! Check out the post and wonderful pictures from a guest blogger on Ashley's Bride Guide

4015 Hillsboro Pike, Suite105
Nashville, Tennessee 37215

Bella Carte
212 White Bridge Road
Nashville, TN

There are also several stores at The Factory at Franklin that I love.....I can't tell you the names though because I don't think I've ever really paid attention!! Guess that means I have to go back. There is one in particular that sells everything from gifts, to clothing, to jewelry, to bags, that I've found some adorable stuff at!

That about rounds out my list for now, as my brain is telling me to stop writing and listen to my hungry stomach and feed it dinner!! Let me know some of your favorite stores like these that I can add to my "to explore" list! :o)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chinese Lanterns!


I was shopping at The Dollar Treefor supplies for a school Easter project a couple weeks back, when I came across these adorable Chinese lanterns! At just $1 each of course!! So I scooped up a bunch in blue and white for my wedding! I wanted to share them earlier, but the pictures were stuck on my camera- and as I've mentioned before, I'd lost my USB cord (got a new one now, so we're back in business after this post since I ended up using my camera phone for the lanterns!)

The are adorable 8 in lanterns that come with the lightbulbs inside. All you have to do is screw open the bottom and insert batteries and you are good to go! I wouldn't turn them on until last minute though- Not sure if it was my batteries or the bulb, but some of mine were only good for one evening lit up! They had them in several different colors. I know there are lots of other places out there to get them too!!

I already had a few lanterns in my dining room from ones I'd found the year before...and I added some white ones to balance it out!! I'll probably take them down to include them with the ones at the wedding! They'll have to come down about that time anyways with me moving!

I found out just last week that I can't hang up lanterns at either of my venues, so I was ready to take them back, until I went back through some blog entries on Ashley's Bride Guide and saw these totally cute ideas for using them on tables! So I might go with that! Either way the lanterns are super cute and super cheap! :o)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bachelorette Party Invitations

In my Easter candy hunt yesterday at Target, I absolutely had to shop the end caps for clearance items too! :o) I don't think I've ever been without doing that! (Except in Oct. when I'd just gotten off crutches and could barely walk to the card department and had to turn around and leave before my foot fell off!!)

I came across these totally cute bachelorette party invites that I thought I should share!

I think there's enough for about 50 bachelorette parties at the Brentwood Target! :o) They are even cuter than the pic shows, and are only $1.48 per pkg (I think of 10?)

This one only says "Just the girls," so it could be used for Bachelorette parties, bridal luncheons, etc. Super cute, but I can't remember the price! You can see that happy orange clearance tag though!!

I still have some party invites I bought at Target awhile back to use for Kerri's blowout last year....then I never used them because evites were easier to do since we had to keep changing plans not knowing if I'd be able to walk or what I'd be able to do after my torn ligament! (THAT was an interesting site- a maid of honor on crutches hopping around with the girls- two weeks before the wedding!) I felt like a CRAPPY MoH! But I did my best!!  I guess I'll be saving the invites for whenever Kelley or Bridget manage to get themselves hitched!!

Evite has lots of cute bachelorette party layouts to choose from if you'd rather go that route too! Best thing of all- they are free, your computer savvy girl friends can RSVP online, easy to send reminders and answer questions, and easy to keep track of it all for added/changing details!

For a wild night out.....

or a relaxing night in......

There's always the DIY or custom printed route for party invites too!

These invites from Traylor Papers are super cute, and although they aren't super cheap- you probably won't need more than 1 or 2 packs of 10!


Any other ideas for bachelorette party invite?? Please do comment- to give some inspiration to my maids! :o)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hit the Easter clearance sales for Candy Buffet items and OOT baskets


I had a blast at Target and Walmart today! Ok, make that a blast at 2 Targets and 2 Walmarts! I was on the hunt for clearance Easter candy!! I actually didn't buy much of the stuff this year- surprise! Those Cadbury eggs and Peeps are my downfall!! But I'd seen lots of bags of only blue candy, so I had to go hit the clearance to check it out!

My mom had already snagged a few bags of various shades of blue Jelly Belly's and M&M's, and has also been on the hunt for more. In fact, she even hid several bags of both in the hardware section of Wal-mart, behind some stuff she was sure would never sell, in hopes that she could come back and get it later when it would be on clearance! (Wonder where I get it from??) Can you believe it wasn't there??!! :o) She said that when she was moving boxes to look for it yesterday, an employee came to ask if she needed help and she had to act nonchalant and say no! She couldn't exactly say- help me find my candy that I hid!! Haha! Oh well, she tried!

I did find a few bags of blue candy and after adding those to what my mom already has and finds, we'll either use them for  my cake reception, or a shower or bridal luncheon.

I've seen a lot of people-especially on Wedding Bee (see this stinkin' cute "Project Egg" from Miss Cream Puff)- using mini cadbury eggs as favors or on candy buffets! I saw lots of them left at both Target and Walmart-- Walmart had more in individual colors and Target had more of mixed colors! If you can't find any around anymore- they are already for sale on eBay!!! On a whim I looked them up thinking how funny it would be if they were there! And they are!!

These are some green only ones from Wal-mart....I got some similar blue ones. They have tons of green ones at the Cool Springs Wal-mart if you are looking for green candy!

Target- Cool Springs had a ton of the mixed ones in regular sized bags and small bags....

If you're colors are pink- hopefully you hit up candy at Valentine's time, but if not- no worries- I saw LOTS of pink candy out there like these Hawaiian Punch and Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans and pink Robin's Eggs....

I also saw some great baskets at Target that weren't too "Easter-y" that could work for Out-of Town baskets. I'll probably end up with bags or pails to go with the beach theme, but I saw some that could be perfect for a spring wedding! They had lots of these cute baskets in pink, blue, and green still.


Or these cute gingham blue ones...

And how cuter could you get for a wedding on a golf course or with bachelor's who'll spend the weekend golfing. These are "Easter baskets!"

I wouldn't worry at all about any candy going bad- as long as you are using it this year! I've checked the dates on all the candy I've bought to make sure it'll last until July! Also, be aware that not all stores still have the same items- or have stuff left at all! I went to one Wal-mart today that had one small section of stuff left, and they were packing it up and moving it out as I walked by!

If you're dying for candy that is customized in your wedding colors and it's not in holiday colors, or want to go the extra step to make them personalized, definitely look into My M&M's. You can even print your names and wedding date on specific colored M&M's! If it was in my budget, I'd do it!! :o)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I've been pretty busy this last weekend of spring break with wedding stuff AND company in town- so not much time to post!! And all of the things I'm currently dying to post on have related pics on my camera- and I've lost the USB cord, apparently!!

I will post more about this later, but I just wanted to do a quick post on Beauti Control! I'd met Megan at a bridal fair awhile ago, and the 5-10 minutes I spent sitting in her chair getting a head/back/hand massage, made me immediately want to book my own spa party! It was held today, and it was AMAZING!! It's not one of those things where you try out a couple products, then they are really pushy with you to buy them. Nothing was even mentioned until the end! And there was no pressure (I bought a lot anyways!) It was different from any of these type parties I'd been to and definitely the most relaxing!

We got to wear soothing eye pads and lay our heads back and rest while she came around and did head and hand massages and then laid a hot towel on our faces. I definitely thought it was the best you could get for free!! :o)

They also have a bridal package and free gifts for brides who sign up for a party! It was definitely worth it! If you are in the Nashville area, ask me for Megan's number! Otherwise check out the website for a local consultant! Although the website in NO way does any justice to all the products they actually have!

My bridesmaids and I will be wonderfully relaxed and happy right before my wedding!!! :o)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bubbles, Bubbles, no toils or troubles!


Wedding exits can be a lot of fun! But they also mean you're going to be spending money on something that's going to be thrown, blown, or lit, and then will be gone!!

I'm in an even bigger pickle since I'm having TWO grand exits- yep, that's right- TWO!!

I'm doing something a little untraditional and having two receptions. The first- a cake only reception immediately following the reception. The second- a small family/wedding party only dinner. It might be something other brides have done, but I've personally only been to one such wedding! When I was a bridesmaid at my friends wedding in PA, she had such a big wedding and couldn't afford to feed all her guests dinner! It was a great way for everyone to be able to be involved in her big day, but to significantly cut costs! I took my inspiration for my reception from her!!


I'm planning on my first exit- from the church to be bubbles....lots and lots of bubbles!! It will be daytime and will be much easier with all the people that will be there!

I'm *thinking* about doing sparklers for the 2nd reception- less chance of messes and things catching fire with a smaller amount of people. And it will be night-time then and could make an exciting and fun exit! Also I'm getting married in July, so I'll be able to snag some sparklers at the firework tents at a good or clearance price closer to/after the 4th!

By the way, it's always a good idea to check with your venue to make sure that whatever you are using is allowed! I've heard of brides buying up tons of sparklers or whatever and ending up not able to use them! I've got the ok from my reception venue to use sparklers, but still need to clear bubbles with the church, although I don't see why those won't be ok- still gotta check!

I've been searching for cute/cheap bubbles online- haven't searched any stores yet! And I'm looking for ones that won't need anything added to them- like ribbons or whatever you might want to add to wedding bubbles like these.....

These are great, but I'd like one less thing I have to DIY decorate. because I think they are just too plain!

So far, here's what I've come up with which I might choose from.....

These bubbles from Lakeside Collection are shaped like a wedding cake and pretty cute! Sorry I can't post a picture!! But they are pretty similar to these from Oriental Trading Company. If you like them you might want to check out the Lakeside ones which are cheaper! 

I like these also from OTC! They say "We tied the knot"

There are LOTS more at OTC- colored bottles- which are great for incorporating your theme colors, wedding dress shaped, champagne bottles, and ones you can personalize

The colored ones have hearts on the top, and might be nice to use!!

That's all the time I have now to look at bubbles, but if anyone has any suggestions on good, cheap bubbles- leave a comment!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A week of spending lots of $$ and getting things done!


It's deposit time! And while spending all this money is NOT a favorite thing of mine, having things done and planned out for the wedding is! Here's what I've done this week (or previously!)

Ceremony Site -     St. Paul's Community Church              

Family Reception Site-    Old Natchez Country Club                    

Photography -  Shanell Bledsoe                                                 

Videographer -   Pursuit Video                                                      

My dress-   Memories Consignment (*gasp*)              

Bridesmaid Dresses-  Ann Taylor                                                         

Cake-      Cake by Dake                                                     

Honeymoon-   Los Altos de Eros- Costa Rica                     

Save the date magnets-     Vista Print                                                         

Flowers-     DIY  

Invitations-  ????????????

Flower girl dresses-  Chaundra Lasater (but still need style!)

Guy's attire-   ????????????

Well, at least it's nice to see there is more accomplished than not! At least as far as the BIG details go! There are still sooooo many more little things to do, but I am happy with what's been accomplished so far! :o)

Much thanks goes out to Kelley, Bridget, Chaundra, Ashley's Bride Guide, Pursuit Video, Trip Advisor, and Mary Alice for helping me find these places, people and things! I'm sure I'll be calling on you even more in the days to come!! :o)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oriental Trading Company- Wedding, Bachelorette, and Shower supplies!! Plus lots of other fun goodies!

I've used Oriental Trading Company before for things for school. Like these adorable Magic Color Scratch Sombrero Ornaments that my kids had a blast with around Christmas time. How can you beat a craft for 120 kids for only $30!?(although just saw right now I'd get the same amount for $18 on clearance!)

 OTC specializes in bulk/cheap items, but it never occurred to me that they might have wedding stuff!! I'm not sure why I never thought of it, but I hadn't! I get catalogs at school all the time, but of course no wedding themed stuff was in there!

So in searching for stuff for out-of-town gift baskets/bags, I came across a forum that talked about getting stuff from there. Like these tote bags $9.95 for a dozen!


 I'm not going to make any claims on the quality of their stuff because I can only attest to the crafts I've ordered! They all came quick, and were well packaged! These bags are cute, but a little too beachy for me!

The possibilities are endless for what you can find from their site!!

Here are some cute things I came across ( bridesmaids, you might want to take some notes- now that I know some of you are actually reading this!!)

How freakin cute are these flip flops!??! I've seen something like this before, but not exact. Totally great for the honeymoon!

Also VERY much a fan of these black and white flip flops, which also come in men's (I'm a size 8, Ray is 11!) These might be cuter than the previous ones- which kinda look like garters!

These are totally cute iron-ons! I actually picked up some similar ones from Walmart for pretty cheap!

 Lots of fun bachelorette party stuff too like this party pack-

There's lots of other great stuff too, but there are some goofy things as well. Like an inflatable arch! But a lot of stuff is cute, great for a bride on a budget, and lots of stuff can even be personalized! Like these cute glass champagne flutes (which I may be getting for myself!)

And this personalized banner!

Do some searching for yourself, and you just might find a few great things you've been looking for! Favor ideas, bubbles, centerpieces, there's tons of items to chose from if their in the realm of what you're looking for! And someone must be buying those inflatable arches if someone was crazy enough to think of the idea to make them!!