Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thrifting Trips

I stopped by Goodwill today and an antique store this weekend. Pretty sure nothing that I picked up was an actual antique, but I'm happy about my scores all the same!



A cheese dome and marble platter, cake dome, jar with cork, and two fourth of July-ish buckets that match the 4th of July decor I already have!

The cheese dome and buckets were half off and the cheese dome was the most expensive thing at $3.50! I'm probably not going to use the marble platter under the cheese dome as it was kinda ugly and VERY heavy, but I've been looking and looking for one I was willing to shell out the $$ for! I think I can find a round wood block to put under it and stack on a candle stick to make a cloche! I know, I'm soooo late to the cloche party it will be out of style by the time I get it made, but I don't care!

There was no platter for the cake dome, but pretty sure I can make any big plate work. I think I may actually use it to display a cake/cupcake or some other goodies. It made me want to bake as soon as I got home! The tall corked jar will surely get some shells, rocks or sand stacked in it!

Total spent= about $8


Antique store

A large planter, two lighthouse lamps + shades (one was already displayed on the night stand so couldn't make it to the picture party!), a Reader's Digest book, and a chippy/beachy picture frame.

Total= around $30

I've recently started collecting the Reader's Digest collections that match my decor, and the lamps were the hubby's pick! We weren't even gonna ask about them since they weren't marked, but they hubby really liked them. $7.50 each! He was sold on that, but I was worried about finding shades I liked. Turns out the shades were right behind the lamps and came with them, we just didn't see them!


I tried to get a good pic of the crackley finish on the planter, but didn't really succeed! It will perfectly match my front door decor, and I'm hoping I can revive my gerber daisies to replant in it. I just noticed this evening they were severely droop! Ooooops! We've had lots of rain lately and I thought it was getting to them!

*Hopefully* I'll be sharing what I did with some of these finds soon!

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