Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I've been working on lots of small furniture for Sweet Ila Mae's barn sale! 

Mostly I wanted to have some pieces to build my booth and to display all my small stuff! I'm soooo happy with how all of it turned out!

 I'm pretty much a novice at furniture painting. I painted a lot of stuff when I was younger, but I knew nothing about how to paint, proper types, top coats, etc. so these are my first successful pieces! ;) 

Almost of this was painted with DIY chalk paint (made with plaster of Paris), with the exception of the white sides on the tall dresser below. That is CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Paint. All are waxed with CeCe's clear wax. Love. Love. Love that wax!! I use it on everything, and its lasted all these pieces plus more, with just under half a can left!!

Tall dresser and nightstand...

See my messy garage?!

All "distressed" areas were dry brushed. It looks 10 times better in person! The hardware I sprayed with oil rubbed bronze. Makes a world of difference! I got both of these pieces from friends and they were very well-loved and used. Almost vintage! 

This bench had nasty maroon carpet stapled to it. Super. Nasty. You could tell the bench was handmade though and it had potential. My mom picked it up at a yard sale.

Now it's cute, stripey, and has some signs to match!!

Cute nightstand, stripped the dark top which had nasty maps mod-podged on it and whitewashed it a bit. And small round table was previously dark stained too. Looks beachy and frenchy respectively now! This was the only photo is snapped before I stored them away for the sale, but it's with lots of other cute stuff headed to the barn sale too! The hardware on the nightstand just got a quick whitewash and sanding. It was decent to begin with

Gray and cream bookshelf. Previously with heart cut out doors. 

Ignore this mess in the garage! This is going to be "my desk" at the sale. It was a beast to paint with the beaded sides so I just sort of slapped it on and it ended up cuter than I expected! I still have a board I'm going to add to the back with my logo. 

Oh, one other exception, this piece was spray painted on the black part. I didn't have the patience to hand paint it!! It looks great though! Distressed beautiful on the edges and sealed with a polyurethane. The top is DIY chalk paint and waxed though! 

This piece I worked on awhile ago and it's been a makeshift night stand for the hubby. It's a little too girlie though, so it's headed to the sale!

Only a couple more pieces to work on...if I get to them! :) If not, I think this is plenty! My booth is only 10x9 and will have lots of other stuff, vintage goodies and of course my signs!!

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  1. you may have to come and teach me how to use my Silhouette. Heck I can't even spell it!


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