Thursday, December 18, 2008

DIY Wedding Coloring Book!


Completely loving this super cute idea! If I'd come across it sooner, I definitely would have done it! So maybe it's good that I didn't! Like I really needed another DIY project!! It definitely would have entertained the kiddos, but they were already pretty entertained with all the toys I had at their tables, the endless supply of the desserts, and lets not forget the DANCING!!

I found this recently posted at Blue Sky Designs, and just had to check it out, even though I can't use it myself! It's pretty customizeable (is that a word?), giving you options to insert names and dates, as it gives highlights of the wedding day events and people. It's in word format, so it is pretty easy to edit/delete/add to suit your own style/needs!

Go check it out, and also see Tara's final product when she recently used it at her wedding, along with cute little ribbon tied bundles of crayons!

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