Friday, January 23, 2009

Recaps return!!

Thanks to my lovely friend Ashley recommending that I check out Irfanview to reduce my wedding images, they are all now in a lovely, smaller format, much easier to use and will make my recaps so much faster and less frustrating!! So sorry that there has been a LONG delay...yes, I realize that I haven't been posting much, and I personally get frustrated with other bloggers who do the same! I have been tinkering with blogging ideas now that I am a Newlywed, and am going to be re-focusing my blog towards that, plus unveiling a new blog with a brand-new focus soon!  I may also be assisting in planning a wedding from quite a distance soon, so stay tuned for those details!!  Until then, come back to read the rest of my own recaps and my newlywed thoughts!!

If you haven't already, start by reading Parts 1 and 2.... Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony posts! (New photos and content added today to the Ceremony post as it was interrupted by my picture problems!!)

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