Friday, January 23, 2009

Cake Reception!


Our wedding featured TWO receptions! Because we had such a large amount of people, we went with a short, cake reception immediately following with everyone who came and then a formal reception with the wedding party, family and everyone who helped with the wedding!

Our cake reception was a lot of fun!  We started it off by gathering all of my students on the front steps of the church to get a picture with thier newly named teacher and her hubby! They were so cute and all so excited to be there!!



Our wonderfully yummy cake was made by my good friend, Jen who among her many talents also bakes cakes on the side! After giving her my vision of what I wanted, based on the cute cake toppers I looked at here, this is what she came up with and it was EXACTLY what I wanted!!





My new hubby's surprise was a Cubs Baseball groom's cake, made by my new bro-in-law's mother-in-law! How's that for new family connections! :o) Mamma Tessie's does fantastic "theme" cakes, so I couldn't resist the great designs she came up with for the groom's cake! This was the winning option!


This reception was held in the church's basement/fellowship hall. And yep, its exactly what you think of when you hear those words!! I wasn't completely thrilled with the thought, but it was the most convenient/cheapest option. My mom assured me that she would find plenty of helpers to decorate and make it look less "basement-y!" Although, you can only do so much...I did LOVE the decorations!

My mom enlisted the help of my hairdresser! Yep, my hairdresser! My mom just happened to be getting her haircut and discussing wedding plans with Sherry, who has been cutting my family's hair for almost 20 years (no one else is allowed to come near me with scissors!!), when Sherry started giving my mom all sorts of ideas and even offered to help! Not only is she an amazing hairstylist, but she also designs/makes costumes and sets for her daughters dance recitals and really has a knack for decorating! She took charge and with the help of my sis-in-laws and other friends she made the basement beautiful!!

The walls were covered in bedsheets- yep, bedsheets!- made to look like curtains to cover some of the "vacation Bible school" type paintings. Then lots of candles, shells, sand, palm trees and other goodies helped to transform the room!


All the kids had a blast with our  mini-candy bar!

It was so fun to see lots of old friends and students and meeting new family!!









And tons of bubbles sent us on our way to the dinner reception!



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