Saturday, October 1, 2011

Selling signs today!

I'm selling my signs today in Lebanon, TN at The Journey Church

Visit the Facebook Page for more info!

If you are here because of the Shopping Extravaganza (or because I finally "outed" my blog on Facebook!), Welcome! Look around for awhile!

I promise to be a better blogger now that people are (hopefully!) reading!

Soon my Etsy shop will be officially open and ready to go!

I am also offering discounted prices on any custom orders throughout the month of October if you contact me personally through here, my email (daisysfavoritethings at yahoo dot com - just type that up like a normal email address! writing it out to avoid the web crawlers spam!), or if you know me through another way!

Just about any sign you see here on my blog, shop, or if you've seen them in person can be recreated!

Thanks for stopping by!

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