Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Card Time!

I'm ALL about free stuff. I'm big into couponing....even tried to write a blog about that, but I just wasn't passionate about it!

I try every year to get our Christmas cards made for free. So far, I've been pretty successful! Those things can be expensive!!

I ordered some a few weeks ago from an offer that's no longer available, but wanted to share about this one. Nope, I'm not gonna get anything from it if you order anything (although I do get $10 off my next order for blogging about it, just wanna keep it real here! So you can even ignore this if you want!).

You can sign up here through House Party to send your friends 10 free cards- just send the offer to 5 different friends, and you'll get a free shipping code. I received an email for the 10 free cards, and shared it to get 10 free cards PLUS free shipping codes!

Then I easily uploaded my pics from Bledsoe Photography (yes, I have an awesome photog who gives us the right to print her pics however we like!), and got to work making our card!

I have to say.....this was THE easiest photo making process I've experienced so far. Lots of other sites have been slower or more difficult to load and move pics around. This was a BREEZE!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Pretty sure I'll be using my $10 credit to order more of these....as long as it comes soon enough! :)

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