Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Transforming mommy's shelves!

Baby Girl's room Project #1- Paint and add flowers to mommy's old shelves!



My grandfather loved to make things out of wood. Shelves, animal cutouts, all kinds of things! My mom and I have held onto several of his things, and I have used them throughout my house over the years. I always had some of his shelves in my room growning up as well.

The heart shelves were my favorites!

I knew I somehow wanted to use them in Baby Girl's room, but I didn't get the inspiration on what to do with them until recently!

Here's the shelves in my room when I was in highschool! Please don't judge my poor sense of decoration. I was all about things that meant something, little souveniers from areas of my life, even if they didn't go together! And trust me, my room had NO sense of a cohesive theme!

Uhhh, style has changed a lot! Wait...I take it back....I finally got some style! I didn't have it before! However, I was totally happy in my ignorance of style back then! I loved my room!

For Baby Girl's room, I decided to go with painting them black, and using flowers from leftover material from her curtains and bed set to decorate them. Just like I decorated them long ago with sunflowers cut out from the paper that covered my bulletin boards. Lets just say this new idea looks a lot better than the old!

Here's how they started out when I began to transform them! One of them was now lacking the flowers and both were lacking the "bling" from stick-on earrings! (What was I thinking??!!)

Ummm, they aren't even the same color! Please tell me they were when I used them! But I'm guessing they probably weren't!

Then I removed the "contact paper" flower!

Sanded them a little, and wiped them down

Then sprayed painted them black!

This took some time because the Krylon paint I got kept dripping and I had to wipe it off asap! So did the Krylon primer I had for another project. I think I'm taking them back to Walmart and buying some Rustoleum instead because it's worked perfectly for other projects! I ended up finding an old $.96 can of black spray paint I'd gotten a long time ago and used it instead of the Krylon! Weird how the cheapo one worked better than the one I paid almost $3 for!

Then I let them dry overnight, although they seemed pretty dry only a few minutes later!

Then I took some leftover material (see her room pics here to see the full effect of the material!, and cut out flowers to apply to the shelves! (So maybe I did have a good idea all those years ago, just not executed as well!)

I applied the material with 3M multipurpose adhesive I already had. (No idea why I had it or from where!)

I sprayed the adhesive on the backs of the flowers, then positioned them on the shelves and smoothed them onto them.

And here they are hung up in her room!

Hard to see the "shelf" part now that they are black! I still have no idea what is going to go on them, but I kinda like them just how they are! They match so well with the flower pot chalkboard from Hobby Lobby! I still need to get a chalkboard marker so I can write on that! Maybe her name or something!

Project #1 for Baby Girl's room- COMPLETE!!

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