Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Girl Projects!

Along with all my fall projects (which are coming along nicely- I'll post about those soon!), I have several projects that I want to do to Baby Girl's room that had to wait until AFTER she was here! (Ha, she must've known I was writing about her, and she wants to know what I'm saying because she was happily playing in the other room on her floor mat, and just started to yell! She's hangin out in my lap now so she knows what's goin on!) I have several things that I want to re-do or touch up in her room and since most involves painting, I decided to wait! Plus I just didn't have the energy! It took me forever as it was just to decide on a theme for her room! I knew that I wanted Hot Pink, Black, and White - with touches of Aqua Blue. It was next to impossible to find anything I liked in stores or online, so I put my head together with my wonderful friend Chaundra and came up with her decor! Here's a few pics of her room! (click on them to see them better!)

(See that balloon way in the left corner? Yeah, it's a day younger than her! It has been alive for almost 11 weeks!! Talk about some super helium!)

Most of her decor is from Hobby Lobby or Target. The bedding, curtains, and glider cushions were all made by Chaundra and the material is Michael Miller Fuchia Plain Jane (small for the curtains and bedding, large for the glider). Fell in love with it instantly!! It was brand new so we had to special order it! The reverse side of her bumper is also a Michael Miller polka dot, and I think the aqua blue blanket hanging over the crib may be Michael Miller as well! (I'll have to ask Chaundra!) I already had a list of stuff to do before she came, but AFTER I started getting hooked on decor/crafting blogs so my list has gotten even longer! Here's my project list for this room!

  1. Paint and add flowers to little heart shelves

  2. Paint the chest in front of her window and make a cushion top for it

  3. Make pillows for the chest (to make it like a window seat)STARTED!

  4. Paint the glider white

  5. Get the changing pad for the changing table (it's a towel on top of a scale right now because it has been out of stock!)MAKE CHANGING PAD INSTEAD! DONE!

  6. Paint the shelf bar the monogrammed burp clothes are on

  7. Rearrange the shelves

  8. Put pictures in the frames!

  9. Possibly line curtains (they keep the room pretty dark, but I'd like it to be darker!)

  10. Make aqua blue tie backs for curtains

  11. Make magnet board

  12. Make vinyl stems for flowers on wall behind crib

  13. Make Bow holder

I'm coming back here and adding/marking off/changing things as we go!

Lots of work to do, Baby Girl!!

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