Sunday, September 19, 2010

D-I-Y NFL gear!

In an effort to save $$ but still support the hubby's favorite NFL team, I did a search on eBay for Minnesota Vikings baby gear. There's not a lot to choose from, and it's either tacky or not cheap! There's lots of official gear around the web that's really cute, but who wants to pay $30 and up for an outfit she'll wear once a week for a few weeks, then outgrow!

So, I'd almost given up or decided to just fork over the cash for something cute but expensive, when I was going through her drawers and spotted a couple bright yellow two different sizes! Aha!! What if I could make some iron-ons somehow?? I'm sure I could figure out how to D-I-Y making an iron on, but let's check eBay first!!

Two sets of these for $2.60 including shipping??

(Just one is pictured here!)

Yes, please!!

It took only a few minutes to iron on these puppies to her cute little yellow onesie!

You can tell that the seller cut these out of a fabric with these symbols on them (perhaps bed sheets??) and added whatever material it is you use to iron on, but they look great! There is only one little area that is frayed where you can even tell they are material.

And honestly, like I said, she's going to wear these for just a couple weeks!!

I made the first one on a size 0-3 onesie. Little miss is 8 weeks old in a couple days and is JUST growing out of her newborn clothes!

Here she is ready for the game!

In fact her pants here are size newborn!

So hopefully she will have at least a good month and a half in this before I pull out her 3-6 month onesie and add the other set of decals to it! I'm wondering if I should go with white or gray on the next one just for a change? I have the same yellow and a gray in the next size and could easily find a white one!

I want to find her purple pants to go with it, and would love it if she had some more hair to put a bow in to make her look a little more "girlie!" But she's supporting her daddy and supporting the Vikings and that's all that matters for now! :)

Here's the two of them during the game.....notice how she sticks out her tongue to say, "Booooo, Miami!" (ok so the iPhone quality isn't great here- which it usually is! so maybe you can't see her tongue!)

Unfortunately her shirt didn't bring the Vikes any luck today. Maybe next time, Favre! And mommy is looking forward to dropping some more preggo weight so she can fit back into her Vikings gear and all 3 of us can be decked out together!

If you are interested in these iron-ons or those for any other NFL team, Disney, holiday stuff this seller has a lot! It looks like they might all be the same kind of iron-ons- made out of materials. Yep, you could easily do this yourself, I'm guessing, but it was a super time saver for me! It would've cost me more to buy the supplies for it! Visit the eBay seller here!

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