Friday, September 10, 2010

Shark Attack!

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You didn't think I actually meant a real shark right? :)

Oh yes, this baby is definitely one of my favorite things right now!

My first infomercial cave in! (Ok, that's a lie, but I'm not admitting to a couple of things I bought years ago- obviously they were stupid flops if I'm not admitting it!)

Not sure if I would've been willing to fork out the cash for this baby, if I didn't know that it actually worked! The family I used to work for owned one, and I actually had FUN cleaning their expansive amount of hardwood floors- a task I normally would leave for them to do! (Cleaning was part of my job- just nothing specific since with 7 kids the cleaning was never completed!)

I couldn't wait to get my hands on one for my house! I seriously have a thing against paying for the stupid overpriced sticks that you throw some paper towel on and push the dirt around on the floor! I've used several different kinds, and I detest them.  This thing= love!

The only bad thing is that you have to be sure and sweep up your floors well first, or it will just push the loose dirt around. Not a big deal because I keep my floors pretty well swept. I won't admit how long it had been since I actually mopped them before I got this thing! Let's just say there was no 5 second rule on my floors til I got the Shark!

I was thrilled when the hubby and I together decided it was about time we got this thing! I don't even have a huge expanse of floors to mop, but any mopping at all is a total pain to me- unless it's using this baby! And I figure it will be a good investment for whenever we buy a house- which will hopefully have hardwoods! We currently have some crappy linoleum, but at least I can keep it shiny with this thing!

We actually watched 4 or 5 different infomercials with different Shark products trying to decide which one we wanted!

As frugal and cheap as I usually am, I shelled out waaay more for this than I normally would for a simple household item! But I'm big on having my floors and surfaces clean- especially since in a couple of months Baby Girl will be crawling all over everything!

It felt like Christmas morning when I got it! In fact, I dumped it out on the living room floor and took a random horrible picture just to show the hubby it arrived! He didn't even know what he was looking at upon first glance! (I didn't save it on my phone or I'd share!)

Here is where we got it. Hate for you to see the price, but if you are interested, here ya go! The Shark Steam Mop (not the pocket!) is actually much cheaper- but also looks and works cheaper!

All these extras suckered us in! It's cheaper at Walmart or Target, but doesn't come with this stuff!

Look how amaaaaazing they make it sound!! (I know, I'm a sucker!! But at least I'm a sucker for something that WORKS and that I actually NEEDED!)

The portable steamer is great for my kitchen and bathroom countertops. Going to use it to tackle the tubs soon!

I'd really rather have this.......

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just because of the cool wands that could get into more crevices, but the shark with the portable steamer was the best option for us!

There are way too many other shark products to even wrap my brain around, but check them out if you want at! (I really want the vacuum cleaner, which came with a free mop- but not the pocket mop, and it costs more!)

I'll share about my Bissel carpet steam cleaner another day!! And all the disasters it has saved me from! :)

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