Saturday, September 18, 2010

Decorating itch

I blame it all on Christina at Centsible Savings....

It's her fault that I'm now obsessed with reading DIY decorating blogs and that I have the itch to rearrange, organize, paint, and revamp EVERYTHING in my house!

Ordinarily my blog list is full of money saving blogs, a few friends blogs, a couple wedding vendors I still keep in contact with and one cooking blog. Now, I'm starting a new addiction!

Centsible Savings is a money saving blog, but Christina has a series titled: Decor on a Dime. So it's still a money saving topic, but also one that has nothing to do with groceries and toiletries! And I absolutely love it!! It gets tiring to only read about coupons and sales, so it's a breath of fresh air to read about decorating on the cheap!

I kind of got interested in the series back in March when she linked to another blog on how to redo a crystal lamp.

Kate at Centsational Girl did the above transformation. I just happen to have 3 of these lamps that I bought at a yard sale a long time ago! Two are in use and I really don't like them! It may take me a bit to get comfortable with the thought of re-wiring, but seeing the difference here, I may just have to go for it!

But it wasn't until recently that I actually started reading blogs completely dedicated to decorating, and now I can't stop reading them and can't stop inspecting everything around my house that I want to change!

Here's my favorite things that Christina has done...

Mirror and Candle Centerpiece

Dollar Tree Hurricanes

which I would probably decorate like this....

Decor Chick 

Because I have a newborn, I spend a lot of time just sitting still feeding her, and this has provided me lots of time for reading blogs on my iPhone!! I love that Google Reader makes it easy for me to go through post after post without having to click on page after page! If you read lots of blogs and don't use some type of feed reader- check it out! It makes it soooo easy and updates constantly so that you know which blogs have new posts and you aren't constantly visiting blogs to see if there is anything new!

So far I have read through ALL of Just a Girl's blog (found it through Centsible Savings!)

Her organization skills make me soooooo jealous! Wish I had the patience! I'm trying!!

 Organized Laundry Room

Then while reading Just a Girl, I kept seeing "the Nester" mentioned, so now I am in the process of reading through all of her blog at The Nesting Place! I love, love, love blue furniture (if you've read even a little back through this blog, you'll obviously see it is my favorite color!), and the Nester has several pieces I love!

Blue Armoire

Dresser in Office
(Who knew dressers didn't have to stay in bedrooms?!)

Plus, both mention several other bloggers that I'm dying to read too, so I have lots more reading material to go!! If only I had as much time to actually do projects as I do to read about them!! But I love spending lots of time holding my Baby Girl, so doing projects may have to wait! :) I do have a few up my sleeves that I want to get at ASAP!

First off is a garage sale next week to get the funds to do some redecorating! With having a baby, our budget is so tight there is barely wiggle room for a can of spray paint! Hopefully, we'll sell a lot next week and maybe even find some good stuff out at the garage sales throughout the whole neighborhood!

Off to dream and read some more..........

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