Saturday, August 30, 2008

Walmart Bridal Clearance!

I've been seeing lots of bridal clearance at Walmart lately! Probably making room for their new lines- which are actually kind of nice!! Just wanted to post real quick about this- I'll put up some pics later of stuff I just got! I got somethings before my wedding over a month ago now- cake server/knife set for one (more on that later! it was left in my car and never used!!), and somethings just yesterday!

Yesterday I got some bachelorette party stuff (somehow I'm the keeper of all bach party stuff among all my friends! even the stuff from my own!) and cute thank you notes- each item for $.50!!  I'll post pics later, but I'm off to run errands now and maybe even to check out another Walmart or two for more goodies!! Definitely need more TY notes! Still working on getting those out!!

There's also lots of invitations, flower petals, guest book pens, and many other things on clearance. They probably aren't the best and highest quality, but some will definitely do for the price, if you're in a pinch or throwing a quick wedding! I even saw a really cute hankercheif with blue rhinestone hearts that I would've loved to have had! But I did ask my aunt last minute for an old one of hers!

I also got my ring bearer pillows from their new line! I'll also post more on those later!! Lots to do!!!

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