Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bridal wear

I'm so excited that its finally my turn to be able to buy/wear all of this cute stuff that's out for brides right now! All the cute tanks that say "Bride" and the matching jackets, underwear, bags....the list goes on and on!! It's sooooo expensive though!!! At least it's much cuter than the old plain white t-shirts that just said BRIDE in black!

This stuff from Selah is super cute!!! For my tastes, it still cost a lot (I'm the queen of cheap and hate paying full price!)! however, it is some of the cheapest stuff I've seen out there! They have lots of accessories too! (And if you're interested in them, check out the ABG blog for a discount. I'm also in love with the new stuff that comes in blue (my fave color!!) from Victoria's Secret! I love the pink stuff you see so often, but am very fond of this new blue idea!! (Note- the stuff on the website may be different from in stores- it seemed more blue in the store and possibly different! Either way, its still darling!!

With the price tags on this stuff, I could end up spending a fortune on stuff I'll only need for a little while!! Yipes!! Maybe I can talk Chaundra into designing a bridal line! She already makes great monogramed bags, how hard could putting "Bride" on it be?!! Or on a tank top??!! :o)

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  1. Hey Stacey - so...who is Daisy? Middle name?

    And who is Chaundra and where can I see her bags?:)


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