Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wedding Supplies everywhere!!

I've noticed lately that every store I go into seems to have a big display of wedding items!! Today I ran into The Dollar Tree to buy some ballons and candy for school (we're throwing a surprise party tomorrow for one of my students who is a leap year baby!! he'll be 3! Shhhhhh!!), and noticed they have a whole half an aisle of stuff! They actually had some decent DIY invitaion stuff! Not the kind I want (Mine just has to have some blue!) but they had lots of extra letters/designs that you could add to the invitations!

Even Dollar General has an aisle of stuff! I saw the cutest silver confetti that's in the shape of teeny hearts and diamond rings!!

I've also seen cute stuff at Walmart- especially the bachelorette party stuff!! I absolutely cannot wait for my bachelorette party!! Glad I have a few friends I can trust to keep the rest out of trouble!! :o) I love all the pink stuff! Even though  my wedding is blue-themed, I def want the pink stuff for the party supplies!! They also have lots of similar stuff/some of the same stuff at Party City.


Speaking of decorations, etc.....I had the WORST dream last night!! I've been thinking a LOT obviously about decorating lately, and last night I dreamt about my wedding reception. It was AWFUL!!! These lanterns appeared in the dream....

Lantern 1

But they were opened, the candle was in the lid and the lantern part was filled with weird blue rocks! And the tablecloths had these weird brown, orange and red stripes. The entire room was filled with primary colored mylar, heart shaped ballons like this...

And instead of a cake (which apparently I'd failed to tell my friend Jen- who really IS making the cake- what I wanted!), I had teirs of cinnamon rolls and other breakfast type pastries!

I was so horrified by it all that I ran frantically throughout the room popping all the ballons while jumping in my dress, and didn't hardly eat a thing or talk to anyone at the reception...and it was all over!!

It was such a real dream that I woke up thinking it had really happened and wanted to immediately call the director of the country club and tell her what I thought about her awful work!! Which is really funny, because I've already seen how well she does and how she follows just what her client wants- and that's one of the reasons we chose Old Natchez Country Club!!

Thankfully, it WAS a dream and my wedding will be nothing like that!!!

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