Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More fun finds at Kohl's!

So, I wrote the other day about how I found these adorable lanterns at Kohl's.....

Lantern 1

Well, my mom scooped up the last 4 in the Hermitage Kohl's while I bought out the Cool Spring's Kohl's, and she went back to look the next day and noticed they were 50% off!! They're totally out of them at both Kohl's- but if they had them, they'd be 50% off! So even though we got them at about $25...down from $35....we were both able to take our receipts back and get them for $17.50 each!!! Hopefully, they'll get more in, but if you like them....just make sure you go to a different one!!

When I went today to get my refund, I walked past the place I'd found them just to check if they had any more...they didn't, but I did see these adorable things that are also centerpiece possibilities!! I think they are too dark/not really the look I'm going for...however they are adorable! Here's some pics I snagged with my phone! Sorry they aren't clearer!




And then I saw these totally adorable picture frames....and matching bride/bridesmaid bags! (which I was surprised to find in the photo section!) The collection is called "Always & Forever" and they have totally sweet photo albums, picture frames, luggage tags, and make-up bags in brown and pink or brown and cream.  They say things like "We said yes", "Me and my maids", "Honeymooners", "Girl's night out" and on the make-up bags- Bride and Bridesmaid, of course! Totally cute!! I had to refrain from snagging them all....especially since I had to hurry to go meet my mom to pick up a bridesmaid dress I'd ordered (to try out!!).

Here's some more pics from my lovely camera phone!!

Bride/Bridesmaid bags, and Honeymooner luggage tags


Photo frames and albums


I think the Honeymooner luggage tags are my faves!! I'm already planning to make bags for myself and bridesmaids, or I'd scoop these up!! :o) You never know what you can find when you are browsing through your favorite stores!! :o)

**ALL of the things in this post are currently 50% off at Kohl's as of 2/26/08....and hopefully will be for awhile longer!!**

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