Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun finds at Walmart!

I know some people hate it....and yes, I like other stores better than Walmart, but sometimes you just CAN'T beat the deals there!! Today my mom and I went shopping for some plants! I'd seen some palm trees on sale for $10 and wanted to check them out- to see how good they were AND to see if they'd last until July!! Well, they only had 3 left, and they were just ok, but they have a 1 yr. guarantee so if they did die or something, we could get more! AND they said that they should be getting more in soon!  We decided to just wait and get some closer to time, but did find some adorable tropical looking plants that could be great for ceremony or reception!

They had pineapple ones similar to this pic that were super cute!

And some like this...

 Sorry I can't tell you the names! But they really weren't that expensive! And I'm sure that you can find cute ones somewhere else too! I can't find a picture of the bigger ones (should've taken a pic myself!), but they would be great to put on the altar during the ceremony!

After we got done looking at plants, I noticed some great vases on clearance for $.75!! Wow, how great is that??!! So I bought 8! Figured I can alternate them with the tables with lanterns maybe?? Here's what they look like....


And I'll either do something like this...


Or something along these lines.....This vase that I already had is exactly like the ones I just bought....I'd put sand in it, then a tall candle in the middle, then dropped seashells along the sides...It looked better before it melted down and around the shells, which you can't really even see anymore! I'd do something like this but BLUE definitely not orange!! :o)


I love that while I'm out shopping for nothing wedding related, or something wedding related but completely different...I'm running into all this great stuff! :o)

And an update on other plans--- I've picked out a church YAY!! Just waiting to see if they are available when I need them- so more on that later as soon as I hear back from them....AND I might have found my bridesmaid dresses!! Whoooohooo! Things are looking up!! Let's just hope it stays that way!! :o)

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  1. I just realized you had a blog, how fun!! Do you know about wedding bee ( It's a blog community for should requst to be a bee and you can blog. Regardless, it was another one of my favorite sites to visit!!



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