Friday, February 22, 2008


I am currently obsessed with (among other things!!) searching for wedding scrapbook items! I have been collecting things for awhile now to do some stuff for friends, and now I get to do something for myself!! I have spent countless trips to Target, JoAnn's and many other places, searching for sales and clearance items- because I just refuse to pay so much for stickers and paper!!

Just yesterday, I found some cute stuff at Target that was on clearance! I have a secret love affair with Target clearance shopping! I'm addicted! I love shopping the aisle end caps that are piled up with lots of stuff I don't need, but totally want! And peeking down the aisles looking for those magical little red signs sticking out to indicate an item I just have to have because it's just so cheap!

I also found some great paper that included some stickers at Target awhile back...there were lots of themes, like wedding, mod theme, baby themes, and lots more. A huge stack of paper and lots of cute stickers for only about $4.50!! I went nuts! Just wish I'd gone a little MORE nuts because they were up to $6 something a few weeks later at another Target...and yesterday there were none on clearance. But I'm pretty sure I have more than enough!! Now it's time for me to get started on some projects!!

I've also found that sometimes you can get cute stuff at The Dollar Tree and Dollar General. JoAnn's has the BEST selection, and is good when they have all their scrapbooking stuff 40% off! They have some ADORABLE bride stuff!!

I'm also loving the ideas for wedding scrapbooks as guest-books, or taking Polaroid pics or photo-booth pics at receptions to put in a keepsake book, or as another type of guest-book! I think it's an adorable idea!! Not sure I'll be creative enough by then to make one as a guest-book myself, but I'm thinking of doing Polaroids to have people place on already made pages, which they can then sign! Like this cute idea from the DIY stuff on Style Me Pretty.

I'm thinking about doing something similar...especially since I know a great lady who just happens to still be in love with Polaroids!! That would be my grams!! :o) That would be one of the things she'd write about if she had a blog about her "favorite things" (that is if she knew how to use a computer!!) She adores her ancient Polaroid camera and how quickly she gets the pictures.....and I have to admit...although I'm much more a fan of the "new" (hehe) digital camera, it does take forever to hook up the camera, download the pictures, edit them, then print-- if you ever get around to it!! I've currently got all my pics online, but am backed up to Sept. '07 from of things I need to print out!! Wait...let's make that last Aug since I've only printed out pictures of my Mexico trip just for Ray- none for me! And it's true...Polaroids are super fast!! (albeit not great quality!) I think it would make Grams happy if I asked for her camera!! :o) But if I have any extra money in the wedding budget (ha!!) I think an even better idea would be to rent a photo-booth!!

My wonderful Grams!!


My fab Target finds! These are ones I'm keepin for myself!! :o) Love the blue colors!! (and the orange price stickers!!)

Scrap supplies!


  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to drop a quick line. I had a beach wedding and it was the best. Just a few things to look out for - the WIND...
    -do your hair accordingly - I had dreads by the end of the night
    -I would steer clear of a veil... it will make photos difficult because it will be all over!
    -AND make sure your brides maids dresses are long or heavy... mine were neither and there was quite an ackward peep show going on!

    Despite weather forecasts, IT WILL BE WINDY. But embrace it because it is fun and romantic!

    (PS - I have scrapbook style guest books at ; )

  2. I love your centerpieces. Such a great deal at Kohls. Wishing you the best of luck!!!


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