Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow day!! = Extra wedding planning time!!


Don't laugh if you're from up north! This is a big deal here! Along with all the ice that comes with it!!

The view from my fiance's truck is much more impressive!!


I thought today would just be another one of those days where no matter how hard I hope and pray that my school (where I teach Spanish!) would be out just won't happen!! In FIVE years of teaching, we've had ONE snow day......until today!!! :o)  No matter how much I know that we most likely won't get out of school- a girl can still dream!! It's like being a kid all over again!! And today, this girl's dream came true!! Haha!! I didn't believe it at first....and neither did my friend Jen who I sent a text message to when I saw she was out of school too (and good thing because she doesn't have a TV in her new house!!). We know it's a BIG deal when our two schools get out!! A HUGE deal!! It almost NEVER happens!!

So, I'm excited to have a day to do nothing at all....but of course, I'll actually do lots!! Now that I have a place for the wedding, I can start searching for more details!!

Like these which I need to order....

And holy crap!! Just realized they discounted them even more!! These are $29.88- final sale from Ann Taylor Celebration's Collection...They don't have many sizes left, but I've already ordered one, along with sashes (which are $5.44 clearance!) and this color actually looks closer to this (navy sash, separate!).


They do have several sizes in this color......

Ann Taylor currently has some cute dresses in store....but I wasn't a big fan of how the weird silk kind of made you look a little frumpy when you actually put it on! The designs are adorable though! In this pic, the material looks like the same silk as the ones above, but it isn't! It's actually made of silk dupioni- if that means anything to you!! It wouldn't to me if I hadn't seen it!

They also have tons of other dresses on clearance that you can see here.

Ok....time to step away and do some school work (so thankful for the snow day because I don't know when I was going to find time to prepare lessons for March this week!!), and then maybe relax a bit....after I order the dresses, of course!! :o) If they happen to not work out.....I can always cut them up to use another way!! :o) You could make dresses this cheap!!

You might even see another post from me today!! :o)


  1. :) You have to LOVE those days! Great dresses!

  2. can u use their coupon? if so, i have one for 15% off. but, i am sure you do too. i can give u the code if u dont.


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