Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Confetti fun!!

I've always been a huge fan of confetti! You can usually find me with some crazy assortment of it that I've recycled and used again and again! I used to put it in letters I used to exchange with Becca- my old best friend in KY and ...the kind that was really just teeny bits of cut up paper, so when she opened them the confetti would dump out all over her!! She often re-payed me by sending the exact confetti back in a return letter!!

Just this past weekend, I gained a new obsession- custom made confetti by Designs in Paper which is a local, Nashville company. I'd seen Ashley raving about it on her website, and Sunday saw it in person! It's amazing!! It's the cutest stuff!! They make it with a couple's names, monograms....just about anything you can imagine!! Kelley was with me at the Perfect Wedding Guide show and saw a piece that said "Michelle and Todd" which just happens to be the names of her best friend from college and most likely "soon-to-be" fiance! They were so nice and let Kelley take that piece with her to give to Michelle! They also passed out these ADORABLE pins that said "The Future Mrs. H" or whatever the initial of your future last name! I proudly pinned mine to my purse to show it off....only to discover last night that I'd lost it!!! Waaahhhh!! Here's hoping they're at another show soon so I can get another one!!!

Even though I probably won't order invitations through them, I am definitely and strongly considering the confetti! Maybe with "Stacey and Ray" and the date or maybe hibiscus flowers?? :o) I wish I could afford their invitations, but I want something very basic and simple that I'll probably do myself- after all, who's going to keep it but me and my mom!!

Take a peek at DIP's confetti- this is the kind they made for Ashley at her booth at the Frist


  1. Hey Daisy, feel free to grab a pic of the confetti from my blog. I think I have another Mrs. H, if you want it let me know:)

    Also, www.getrelish.com is another cool local invitation co. They a great option thats priced between "DIY" and Designs in Paper:) Tell them I sent ya if you call/contact.

  2. Okay, so I realize this is border line obsessive (all my commenting) however, I noticed you mentioned DIY invitations - I chose that route to and ordered all my paper from Paper-Source and it was amazing. I ordered paper, but they also have kits.


  3. [...] of my very first posts was on their confetti….if you read the post…well, you can tell I was a recently [...]


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