Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am sooooo happy, excited.....thrilled....pleased beyond words to ACTUALLY HAVE a church and a date for my wedding!!!! I won't announce the date on here!! :o) If you know me...you already or will soon know!! But it is going to be at St. Paul's Community Church in Green Hills area of Nashville!!! It is a gorgeous church!!!! Center aisle....big windows, white walls and pews and blue carpet!! It's just about the perfect size! Although the reception might be a bit tight in their fellowship hall- that will just make it even more fun!!  We're also having a very SMALL- just family dinner afterwards at Old Natchez Country Club which is just down the road!!

I was squealing with joy today to actually have an answer to all the questions about when and where our wedding will be!! Ray is also thrilled beyond words!! He hasn't seen the church, but has seen lots of pictures and he loves churches with just two rows of straight pews facing front. It's so cute!!! And the outside is beautiful too!! I have picures but can't post them right now as I don't have my cord with me to connect my camera!! But I will post them tomorrow!! YAY!!! I'm soooo excited!!

And I *might* have picked out bridesmaids dresses, which is the other big thing I've been fretting over!! Here are the colors....


Although, the sea blue color is actually more blue than it's showing up!! I got a GREAT deal on the dresses that I will share soon!!


Let me know what you think!!! I'd really love your comments!! Thanks for visiting me!!