Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Welcome to my blog!!

Well, here is my little attempt at conquering the "blog-world." I am by no means a pro at this, but I LOVE reading blogs- especially those of people I know and at the moment, I'm currently obsessed with WEDDING blogs!! Hmmm....could that have anything to do with the fact that I am getting married in a few short months??  I figured this might be a good way for me to record all of the amazing things I find while surfing the net hour after hour searching for the perfect accompaniments to the biggest day of my life! Some of them will be WAY out of my personal reach, but things that I just absolutely adore and can only dream of! Others may be things that I actually turn into reality for my big day....and still others will have NOTHING to do with weddings, but will still probably be pretty girlie!!!

So welcome! And please leave me comments and check out the blogs that I have linked to!! And a shout out to them (even if they don't ever read this!!) If you are planning a Nashville wedding, DEFINITELY look up Mary Alice at A Delightful Day to get help planning your big day, and also check out Ashley's awesome website, blog and message boards at Ashley's Bride Guide. Mary Alice and I sang together in choir back in the day at DCA (and now work together!), and this past weekend I got the chance to meet Ashley (whose booth was right next to Mary Alice!) at the Perfect Wedding Guide bridal show at the Frist. She's awesome!! So currently......those two blogs are some of my favorite things!!

Look for more soon!!!!

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  1. Daisy,

    Welcome to the blog world! We're glad you've joined. I cant wait to hear about your fave things so I can share them w/other Nashville brides. (No pressure:)

    Thanks for visiting my booth on Sunday!!

    Chat soon.


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