Monday, July 7, 2008

Beach stickers!

While at the beach a few weeks ago with Kerri, I came across these adorable stickers and picked some up for my jr. bridesmaids/flower girls at Wing's, one of our favorite stores to visit at the beach (yep, each and every one!). I didn't notice them until our 3rd or so Wing's visit, though!


I completely forgot though to look for  the "Lauren" ones at another store (they were out at the first one), and they didn't have Gabriella or Caylie (they did have Kaylee, which I needed too!) so I picked up a Princess one and forgot to get another!

So I looked up the company- Holden International, Inc. and sent them an email. They don't have anyway to order online, but they did let me order over the phone!

Here are some more pictures from their website, including some boy ones and some other types they have with names.




If you live near a Wing's or similar store (or headed near one for a summer trip!) look for this display!



Or if you are interested, but can't make it to a store, visit their website and email or call them for more info! I tried filling out the contact form and kept getting errors, so I just emailed them directly with my phone number. They called the next day and left me a message, and returned my call again today (I called over the 4th weekend so they were obviously closed!)

They were soooo helpful and easy to work with! They even looked up names for me and listed off all of the generic ones they have! They also have ones that are blank- where you can fill in the name, but I didn't want to write the names 144 times and they are too little for the girls to write that small!

They were only $2.99 a piece and $2 for shipping and handling- which I did all over the phone! Fantastic! :o)

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