Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wedding songs!

Ray and I have been working hard to come up with wedding songs for the ceremony!

The one place we are stuck- is with a hymn! See, he's a bit more into traditional church music, where I'm more into contemporary praise music. So since I picked out the contemporary (actually not a church song!) music that my lovely sis-in-law, Lindsey, will be singing, I've asked him to pick a hymn. There are lots he likes- but he can't think of them unless he's in church and says- Oh, I love that song!

So any suggestions, would be great!!

We're also working on songs for the pre-wedding slideshow! We're going with all oldies...including this song that just popped into my head tonight! So take a listen, enjoy, and then post a comment with your suggestions!!


Oh, also any reception song suggestions! :o) I've asked on myspace too, but most of my friends have been silly about it!! Keep the songs comin!!

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  1. Well, some of my favorite hymns are:
    Great Is Thy Faithfulness
    How Great Thou Art
    It Is Well
    Be Thou My Vision
    You Are My All In All

    As for the dancing/reception, what about:
    Better Together - Jack Johnson
    any Michael Buble (offers a bit more contemporary style than Frank, if that's the feel you're going for)

    Good luck!


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