Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unity Sand Ceremony Kit!

I'm finding that closer and closer to the wedding, I'm having to relinquish many of the "details" I originally wanted to DIY or otherwise do myself! One of those things is the Unity Sand Ceremony kit! I was going to find the jars myself, color the sand myself....and well, who has time to do that the month of the wedding??!! Not me!! Enter The Knot.....

The other day, I ordered this set, that I may have mentioned before........

Here's hoping it turns out to be all I wanted! It comes with 3 colors of sand, 3 smaller vases and the larger one with hearts. It also comes "personalized" which a reviewer said was simply a ribbon with a tag with your names on it. We'll wait til I see it, but I might not be using that!! Even if it was on the vase, who is going to see it!!

I ordered the exact colors shown, however there are lots of different color combinations! We'll be using the darker blue for his family, the lighter blue for mine, and the white for the spiritual foundation (which our pastor will pour in.)

Too bad this isn't something we can really do a "trial" run of! I'd like to see how it works out since I sincerely doubt the top layer will be as well mixed as the bottom, but oh well. Again, it will only be seen from afar and is more for us than anyone else!!

One more thing checked off the list!! It wasn't cheap- a little over $60 with the discount code- SAVECASH which saved 10%- better than nothing! And worth not having the hassle tracking down all the items myself!!

It wasn't hard to order from them when I bought my bubbles (which I still plan to blog on!!), and they came quickly! Here's hoping this one come quickly too!!


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