Thursday, July 3, 2008

Retail Therapy= Bride Therapy

I've been a little stressed out lately....did I say a little? Should've said a LOT!! I'm just realizing how many teeny details haven't been done or even thought about yet! Who knew there were so many??!!

So today, I decided I needed a little bit of a break- a shopping break!! Actually, I got a lot done that I needed to do- returned some stuff to different stores, bought a few bridesmaid gifts, bought some patio furniture...ok, so maybe I didn't need to do that last one, but we did need it and it was on clearance at Pier 1


This is it in the store.....mine is actually still in the back of my car...awaiting the arrival of my fiance- or I should say the pick-up of the fiance whose car went dead for some strange reason and I had to go get at 5am to take to work!

After getting that and doing a bit of shopping/returning at the mall, I headed to Green Hills to drop off paper samples to Susanna- our lovely calligrapher! And because she lives so close to the new Hill Center, I just HAD to stop in at Swoozies! I was forced!! Haha- by myself!

I've raved about Swoozie's before, as have many friends, and today wasn't disappointing! As soon as I walked in there was a huge table full of fun bride stuff! I never saw this kind of stuff when my friends were getting married (the 10 whose weddings I've been in!), but I probably just wasn't looking in the right place- although there is way more of it now!

It's so hard to not buy all this stuff for myself!! But I'm not supposed to be the one buying stuff like this, right??!! :o)

I did however pick up this...on clearance, which perfectly matches my new home's decor!!


Ahhhhh, it was nice to get some shopping in! :o)

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