Monday, February 7, 2011

Burp Cloths

I've been wanting to try my hand at these for awhile. They seemed like a pretty easy project since I am not great at sewing!

They weren't hard at all- just took some time since I kept breaking my thread over the bulky part of the cloths!

I used this tutorial here at Sew She Sews. It was suuuper easy to follow! It was basically like sewing a pillow, and I can totally do that!!

I did not sew around the edges (except to close up the hole!), mostly because I was running out of time to give these to a very good friend for her baby shower!

I also did not use flannel. I used mostly Amy Butler, Midwest Modern material since I knew my friend liked it! Flannel is a GREAT idea, but I traded babysitting for this material! I also got the cloth diapers at Target (buy the 12 pack if you plan on making lots- works out much cheaper!)

Sorry for the bad pics, I only had time to snap with my cell phone! I'll hopefully take better pics of the next set that I'm making for another friend- this one a boy!!



There are lots of tutorials for this type of this, but you should really check this one out! After seeing this one I KNEW I could do it!

Go see Sew She Sews!

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