Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shabby Heart Wreath

**If you read this earlier, I updated a little bit adding some pink ribbon and cutting off one of the ends of the blue- just wasn't workin for me, but now it is!**
I wasn't planning to make a Valentine Wreath. I did sorta look around for a cheap heart wreath frame when I've been shopping lately, but never came across anyting I wanted to spend my $$ on!

Then while I was working on my Dollar Tree Rose Makeover last night, I was thinking about a wreath and thought- "What if I could make one with a wire hanger, and just cover it with material or something?"

I'm all about using what I have on hand lately! We're working on paying off a mountain of debt, so gotta save those pennies!!

So, I grabbed a wire hanger and a torn up old white sheet that I've already used other parts of for lots of other projects and went to work.

This is what I came up with!


It's on my dining room wall, which you've seen before! I just removed the pic in the middle! Not showing yet what is on the shelf and buffet underneath- still workin on it, but it will include my Dollar Tree Rose Makeover!


(This was before I added the pink
and realized how annoying that long blue ribbon on the right is!)

I made a rosette with some jute twine and hot glue, added some ribbons leftover from wedding projects (yeah, I use a lot of stuff from my wedding to decorate still!), and put a white pearl pin through it to secure it to the fabric.


Ummm, ignore that lil hole that the picture frame I removed usually covers and just look at my pretty twine rosette! You can also see I didn't bother to unwrinkle where the ribbon was once tied around something- I rather like wrinkles!



I'm glad I added in the pink! I made it to be pretty rough and random- there was no pattern to how I wrapped the fabric around it except for making sure some of the raw edges and unravelling strings would show! I like the look it gives, plus it matches my table runner!

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  1. Great idea to make your own heart-shaped form out of a hanger. Perfect for Valentine's Day. Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello.


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