Saturday, March 1, 2008

Honeymoon locations!!


I absolutely ADORE traveling around the world! It's one of my absolute most favorite things to do! I love the excitement and the learning experiences involved- seeing new sights, experiencing new things- I love it all!! I've traveled a lot, mostly on missions trips, and I've loved every country (except for one-I won't say which, where I got HORRIBLY ill!!) I am so looking forward to new experiences on my honeymoon!! Oh wait.....that didn't sound right!! :o) Well...looking forward to that, but also the TRAVELING experiences!!! :o) Ray loves to travel as well, but has so far just been to Mexico (lots! he even lived there for awhile!) and Canada. He can't wait to go all over with me!! I'm so glad I found someone who is a smitten with travel as I am!! I couldn't stand to stay at home all the time!!

One of my major goals in life is to travel to every Spanish speaking country. I also want to travel all over Europe. Lots of other places I'd love to go, but if I can do those, I'll be a happy gal!! Since Ray and I are so comfortable with Spanish, and speaking to natives wouldn't be hard work for us (although my real work is Spanish! haha!), and since he's as into my goal of visiting every Spanish speaking nation as I am- we thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and knock one out while we are on our honeymoon!

All that to say, we are considering the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica for our honeymoon....maybe even Puerto Rico.

DR- ohhh so pretty!! I want to set up a hammock right there!!

And I want to live in this sunset in Costa Rica!!

I've been consulting for reviews of some hotels in DR that I've been looking at....some seem good....others not so great!!

And as far as CR goes....well, haven't even begun looking there! We will probably consult a travel agent in a few weeks, since neither of us know any one who has been to either country (We've just heard fabulous things about both for honeymoon destinations!!).

I don't mind that the DR is such a poor country. I do know it quite a bit about it and CR (from teaching my students!) I know that DR shares the island of Hispanola with Haiti- this hemisphere's poorest country.  Seeing and learning about the people there is part of what makes the experience so amazing! I do however, want to feel like I'm living in the lap of luxury! Most of the time when I visit other countries, I stay in the cheapest places- or even a hut or dirt floor in the jungle! I want my honeymoon to be AMAZING but don't want to forget about what life is really like! This will probably be the only extravagant trip I'll ever take- as far as hotel/food/drink wise! I'm normally an easygoing, eat off the side of the road at some little stand kind of gal!

If you have any advice, ideas, or travel information that you can offer, I'd be glad to hear it!! In the meantime, check out these pics from my other trips!! (please forgive the ones of little me with the bad hair!! :o) )


Stuck in the mud!(I'm in the red shirt with the early 90's permed hair! and we ALL had fanny packs!!)

Performing a skit at a school in Peru (Do those pants make my butt look big?? :o) )


We did this skit about a thousand times!(I'm the China doll!)


On the "equator" (I'm at the top! And I say "equator" because the monument was built at the wrong spot! The real one is just a little ways away!)

Train ride to Cotopaxi- one of Ecuador's most famous volcanoes

Eating.....umm...Cui....ummmm...guinea pig!! I swear I only had a bite!!





Oh how I loved those flowers! (and apparently permed hair!)

stacestarfish.jpgLook what I caught in Cozumel!!

Dancin with my girlies (and future bridesmaids!) at Carlos 'n Charlies in Cozumel (and apparently with the cabin boy too??)

With my sweetie on his abuelo's farm

Coolest picture I've ever taken! It's real!! Valle de Guadalupe


With  my students (and Max the monkey- our class "pet"

Mayan Ruins in Copan with Cesia and Karla

Overlooking Copan

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