Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back to work!!

This weekend, I took a much needed break from wedding planning by visiting my former roommate and current maid of honor who's living in Chicago! We had a BLAST as my fiance is from Chicago, and we got to do lots of things he's missed doing. Namely....eating yummy food you can't find anywhere else!! Oh...and visiting his family!! I've met lots of his family down in Mexcio...but lots of them still live in Chicago! It was a lot of fun! Crazy, lots of people and trying to learn names and who belongs to who...but fun!!

We got to eat yummy deep-dish Chicago pizza at Gino's.....

along with lots of other food we won't be eating again for a long time with our diet restarting today! Like hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, Italian beef, Gyros, and stir-fry from Flat Top Grill.  

(across from Flat Top Grill, is Oprah's studio....had to take a pic for Grams!)

We also got to go to a Cubs game (can't you tell from the food listed above!), shop at H&M (one of my fave stores!), and just have lots of fun haning out with B and her man!!

So, now it's back to work in many ways....back to teaching (never really took a break from that since I don't teach on Mondays anyways!), back to blogging, and back to the wedding work! :o) Can I rewind the weekend and do it again?? (minus the extra calories, please!!)

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