Friday, April 25, 2008

A place to call home!

(please excuse my reflection in the window!!)

We finally found a place for the Fiance and I to live!!! YAY!! We've been looking for quite awhile, but since we've been looking to rent a house or townhouse instead of an apartment, most places have said we have to wait closer to moving time to even look at anything. They want to turn them over fast!

It's not very big- 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath- but is perfect for our first place. It also means we'll have to get rid of a lot of stuff between my one bedroom apartment and his two, so that it will all fit! Along with all our new stuff!! But that is a GOOD thing! Garage sale time!! :o) I've already begun to create a pile of stuff to get rid of and have much more to add! I'll be selling most of my kitchen stuff to make room for all the new!!

It's super cute even though it's small! And Ray's enormous couch actually fits perfectly! That was a problem with several places we looked at!! And the stuff we've already registered for will fit/match great!!

Nice to have another thing checked off the list! He moves in a couple weeks and I'll start moving stuff in slowly! My lease runs up the end of July, so it's just about perfect! Now if only I was Genie and could snap my fingers and have all his stuff moved in an instant!

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