Monday, April 28, 2008

Like Fine China

Most girl's dream about their wedding day practically from the moment they are born! I'm one of those girl's, but one who also dreamt of my own fine china some day! Silly, I know....but I have always loved looking in my mom's china cabinet and seeing all the beautiful things she has there from her own wedding. Her china is very basic and simple, but because so many of the accent pieces say my maiden name on them, I won't be the one inheriting her main set! I have however already staked my claim on a smaller set of dishes! Don't worry, my mom is well aware of it!!

So right after I got engaged, along with looking for a dress and locations and all those other things a girl needs, I started looking for China! This set above was one of the first ones I saw and quickly fell in love with!

Don't be shocked by the price!! This is a picture from Macy's. I ended up not registering there (awful customer service and there just wasn't a lot there I wanted!). Instead, I've registered for these at Bed, Bath, & Beyond where they are half the price at Macy's!! You know I love bargains like that!! (Plus, everyone can use those 20% off coupons we all get in the mail from BBB!!) I didn't even know that BBB carried china, since I'd never really looked, but as soon as we walked into the office they have to help you set up your registery, there they were! In pink...but I knew they just had to have the blue too!! It was a sign that I HAD to register there and HAD to get those plates!! I did spare Ray from having to eat off the pink ones though!

They are from Wedgewood China's Vera Wang Collection and is called Blue Duchesse. How elegant does that sound? And Vera Wang??!! Sweet!! It has just a tiny bit of blue around the edge of each piece. A very subtle way to show off my personality!

I also chose this individual plate from Waterford's Ballet Collection, which I LOVE, but I felt that the ballet loops on every piece would be a bit too overwhelming! This plate perfectly compliments the Vera Wang set!


I can't wait to have people over for dinner to serve them with my new fine china!! (And to have the time to actually cook dinner!!)


  1. I love it!! Soo pretty! and so you! When I get engaged you are coming to help me pick out mine! I Love You!!

    Brooke L.

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