Friday, April 11, 2008

Test your wedding etiquette IQ!

I was browsing around on The Knot (avoiding things I should've been doing!) last night and came across this Wedding Etiquette quiz! There are 8 questions.....I got 4 right/4 wrong....Does that mean I failed?? :o( I don't like to fail at quizzes or tests (I get to make kids fail now that I'm the teacher! Haha! Just kiddin!)!

I'm usually pretty aware of what wedding etiquette should be, and the ones I got answer was pretty close to being right!!

Wedding etiquette/traditions I'm all for.........
- RSVPing!!! Why does no one do this anymore??!!! PLEASE DO IT!!! DO IT ALREADY!!!
- Keeping your registries off the invites!
- First Dances, Last Dances, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dances
- Save the Dates
- Out of Town baskets
- Finding good deals for my wedding party, so I don't break their banks to marry me off!!
- Quickly writing thank-you notes

Wedding etiquette/traditions I know you should do...but I just don't get why it's important!!....
- Calligraphy on invites
- The inner envelopes on invites (who cares about either!!!)
- The bride side vs. groom side (we WON'T be doing student's would overrun my side!)
- Smooshing the cake all over your new spouse's face (there will be war if Ray does this!)
- Tossing the bouquet (I caught one about 8 years ago as a bridesmaid! Was I next to get married??....NO!!)
- Dancing with the guy who caught the garter after catching the bouquet (Retarded! Of course, it was the guy who'd been tryin to hit on me all he gets to go up my dress?? don't think so!!)
-Awkward moments of staring at each other while waiting for a song to end during the ceremony!
- Decorating the bride/groom's get-a-way car (I'm still finding things used for Kerri and Adam's cars stuffed in pockets, random places in suitcases, etc....)

Ok, so maybe there are more things I don't like, than things I do.......any wedding etiquitte or traditions that drive you crazy??!!

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