Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yummy goodness!!! :o)

I love cupcakes....they make me think happy childhood thoughts, of birthday parties, and less stressful times!! One of the great things about being a teacher (great for the spirit, not for the waistline), is that almost any time a kid has a birthday- they bring cupcakes or other goodies for their class AND the teachers! :o) Even ones other than their homeroom teachers. I'm ever so happy to get a yummy homemade goodie- like the one I got on Wednesday- that had some of the best homemade chocolate icing I've ever had!!

For some reason, this has been the week of the cupcake for me!

Last week was my maid of honor, Bridget's birthday. We went out to lunch on Saturday along with Kelley, and I made our fave cupcakes from when B and I used to live together....I had a bit of a Martha Stewart moment and got creative with an icing tip and a Ziploc baggie! The strawberry cake with cream cheese icing was quite yummy!

These were ones I finished up after lunch, and I was running low on icing- hence the gaps! The others were better looking- except of course I smushed the one for the b-day girl on the way there. I also branded them with our initials....BSK, which stands for the name of our "band"- the Bull S*** Kittens! Hehe!

When I brought these leftover ones to my parents later that mom said I should've been the one to make the cupcakes for my sis-in-law's baby shower the next day!! Oh well, they'd been ordered before I ever had a chance to try my hand at it myself! :o)

The one's for Lindsey's shower were quite cute too with the lifesaver/jelley belly pacifier's that my mom made on top! These were from Publix and were really good, we just wished we could've gotten a wrapper color other than yellow!

I'd wanted to get one of my friends to make the cupcakes, but she was out of town and we were too down to the last minute to special order them.....too bad I didn't read these next ideas from Ashley's Bride Guide until later in the week!!

I'd seen this cupcake place last Monday (also after the shower! gr!) and thought it looked really cute and was very tempted to stop....however at the beginning of the week I was keeping my diet- not so the rest of the week! I'll get back on track this coming week! A girl needs a break...oh about once a month!! Haha!

Ashley always finds the best stuff, and I wasn't surprised to see she'd found Gigi's!!

This kicks my cupcakes' rear ends! And those from Publix!! :o) Anyone up for heading to Gigi's Cupcakes with me?? :o)

As I'm finishing reading Ashley's post on Gigi's, I noticed the most beeeaaauuuttttiiiifffuuuulll cupcake I've ever seen to the side of the page (right under the blurb about myself- The Fabuless Bride, and Anna- Belle Bride) heart is fluttering with how in love I am with this cupcake as I'm about to post it!!
It's from Cake's by Shara- a local, whose stuff I've seen and tasted at a bridal show! Super yummy and cute!! This cupcake def should've been on display! It was one of the winner's of a Martha Stewart cupcake contest! And it's a beach themed cupcake!! I didn't know you could DO beach themed cupcakes!! How many more things that I love can you get into one small cupcake.....ta da!!!
(ok...thank GOODNESS for Wordpress having such a great auto save!! I'm not kidding....the moment I typed "ta da!!" my computer screen went dark...I thought the lights went out, turns out my laptop cord fell out- and of course my battery hasn't worked for months!! WHOOPS! But it was ALL here when I turned it back on!)
Sooooo...ta da here's my all time fave cupcake!!! (oh please don't turn off again!!)

I will be contacting Shara soon to get these babies! Not sure what for....I already have my cake, but somehow I HAVE to have them!!! :o)


  1. Stac - You simply have to get Cakes by Shara's beach cupcake. You'll find a way to incorporate them - maybe at a kids table, candy bar or as your groom's cake (cupcakes).

  2. btw - did you see this -


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