Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Registry Resolution!!

 it is!!!

After the Great Registry Debate I wrote about a couple weeks ago, I've finally come to a clear decision. I was trying to decide where else to register besides Bed Bath & Beyond  after realizing that Target just wasn't going to be the best place! We decided to go with a very limited selection of gifts at Target, get all we can from BBB and also add some things we couldn't find elsewhere from Kohl's. Of course, I LOVE Kohl's which you already know about if you've read any of my many posts about this..... 

(which by the way, I bought 4 more while registering- for our centerpieces!)

I think I'm pretty pleased with our decision. Ray has actually been a HUGE help in picking stuff out, and has come with me to almost all of my store visits to register!

We finally found some dishes that I love, which I am very excited about!! We decided to go with combining 2 sets...along with accent pieces from another...sounds a little confusing, but it combines my and Ray's favorite colors together- navy blue and aqua blue! I've already found lots of stuff to go with them!!

(these don't look as dark in person)

Along with accent plates like these

Super excited!! Now if I can only find some great pot holders and dish towels!

So our final decisions are BBB, Kohl's, Pampered Chef (for a shower), and Target with a few items and of course gift cards. We figured that might be a pretty good way to ensure that there is something near everyone!

I'm so excited to be able to actually own some good QUALITY kitchen stuff! Most of my glasses/ dishes are plastic, yard sale, hand me downs, or very cheap dishes, that are seeing the end of their days! YAY! :o)

I can't wait to start my new home with Ray.......and speaking of that....we're putting a deposit on a townhouse tomorrow- YAY!!! We found a huge condo in Bellvue today that we loved, but it's just too much for us right now (more as in the distance and amount of space because the price isn't bad!!), so we are going with a smaller, but nice townhouse. I looooooove the kitchen and can't wait to cook in it with all my new stuff!! :o)

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