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Beach Wedding Favors

While I'm searching high and low for some ideas around the local surf/beach shops and along the shore, take a look at this article from where I'm hoping to get some inspriation!

Beach Wedding Favors

Blending sand, sea and celebration, beach wedding favors are fun and functional.


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What can be more romantic than saying "I do," as the sun sinks into the sea behind you? How about kissing barefoot in the sand afterwards? Whether you are going formal or keeping it simple, beach weddings are lots of fun. These celebrations provide many opportunities for your guests to enjoy beach wedding favors which incorporate nautical elements afforded by the sand and sea.

When planning a wedding, you may or may not want to go with a beach theme, but if you do, here are a few beach wedding party favor ideas to accent your theme and enhance the setting of your reception area.

Seashells are abundant at the beach and can be used in your reception decor. Glass decanters filled with sand and a variety of shells, lined up in the center of the reception tables are an elegant way to bring the beach inside. They can also be used to accent votive candleholders and floating candles. Seashells like clam and abalone make great place card holders when filled with smaller shells or sand (or both) to hold the name cards in place.

For beach wedding favors, treat your guests to a specialty bar of glycerin soap made with seashells. Place inside a clam or abalone shell as a soap dish. Wrap in cello or drawstring sin may bags.

Another beach wedding party favor and decorating idea is to make your own candles using shells like mussel, clam, oyster, and abalone. Most craft stores carry candle-making kits or you can buy the supplies separately from many wholesalers online.

Seashell candles work nicely in sets of three or four, each candle occupying a different shell. Place the candles in sand set inside a wide-rimmed vase or plate for a reception table centerpiece, or wrap them in a gift box glued with a variety of shells by using a glue gun. Seashell shaped items like soaps, chocolates, and pewter charms can be purchased in bulk, placed inside clam or abalone shells, and wrapped in drawstring gift bags for a simpler approach.

If shells are not necessarily your thing, throw down some beach balls, Adirondack chairs, flip flops and beach towels. For indoor receptions, carefully pour sand on the center of the tables and randomly add small handfuls of shells. Place mini Adirondack chair photo frames in the sand where your guests will be sitting. Slide the name card behind the glass. Alternate the Adirondack photo frames with beach towel frames, flip-flop frames, and beach ball frames.

For outdoor receptions, consider placing beach towels over the backs of your guests' chairs either to mark their place at the table or to compliment the photo frames adds a fun yet inexpensive touch and is functional for those who want to roll up their pant legs and splash in the surf.

Finally, get the conversations sailing with messages in a bottle. These can be purchased at many party stores or you can make your own using mini bottles from the craft store. Do not buy bottles with a small neck or it will be difficult to get the messages into and out of the bottles. Fill the bottles with special messages unique to each quest or use random passages from songs or poems. Your guests can take turns reading their messages aloud and break the ice while waiting for their drinks.

Written by: Laura BlackFeather

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