Friday, June 6, 2008

SATC Party!

Well, it was a week ago today that we were planning for one of Nashville's most fabulous parties! All thanks to Ashley, of Ashley's Bride Guide! This gal is amazing and worked hard, along with many others to make this event spectacular!! I plan on doing a few separate posts on the party after this one, to highlight a few different aspects!!

My bridesmaid and wonderful friend, Kelley, and I worked the registration we are with Ashley-the gal of the night!! (middle)

And workin the table.....(which really was more like fun than work!!)....

My MoH, Bridget (left) and Kelley's friend Kara (right), joined us for a night of fun!

And helped us work the red carpet.......


There were some AMAZING vendors there!!


And fun decorations!!

 A little dancing....

And of course, some fun signature drinks!

And I just had to snap a pic of the cute way Ashley set out the fun-colored M&M's I'd sent to her.....

 This great event took place at Uptown 162, it was a great spot for any occasion- easily accessible to anything downtown- and they even had good parking! I'll be sharing more in the next few posts!!

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