Sunday, June 8, 2008

How important is a chair cover?!

Ok, there have been lots of different wedding traditions/standards that I've come across lately that I think are just so silly! The price hikes on some things simply because they are for a "wedding" is ridiculous!

This is my latest complaint/pain in my side-- Chair covers!!!

This is what the chairs at my reception look like....

Not bad.....except they don't really match the "look" I'm going for or my colors! This is what my tables are shaping up to look like....

Ignore all the stuff along the edges, around the lantern will be some votive candles and scattered shells and confetti (more on the confetti later!!) Also the shells in the lantern will be arranged better!

I think they purposely make chairs that are least likely to match your decor, so that you have to rent the chair covers! They are $5.50 a CHAIR!! I have to pay $5.50 for every person at my reception to have a seat?? Crazy!! We're expecting about 120, so that's an extra $660 at least- not counting tax! AH!! We already have to pay to rent the table lines, and well there's no way I'm not getting those!!

So, we're looking into some other options--
- no chair covers
- rent chair covers for the head tables only
- borrow chair covers from my aunt's friend for all tables (waiting to see how many she has and if we can borrow them AND if our venue will let us use other covers!)
- borrow chair covers from my aunt's friend for the head tables only

Here's my question(s!)....other brides PLEASE weigh in!! How important is it to make sure that your chairs match? Did you decided to go for it if your venue needed it? Have you ever even noticed whether or not the chairs at a reception matched the rest of the decor??

Let me know what you think about chair covers!!!!


  1. I don't think chair covers are that important. I won't have them at my wedding. But it really depends on the look you are going for. Can you see what it would look like with chair covers?
    No one will be scandalized if you didn't have chair covers. Although I would either get them or don't get them.

  2. Chair covers...I had the same issue at my church - I don't remember them being $5.50/chair though. That seems a little high - if you really want them I would check into other places (if your venue will allow you to). I personally skipped that expense - I had 300 chairs, so there was no way I could afford that!! I also don't pay attention if there isn't a chair cover (to answer your question). They do add that finished look - but aren't a necessity!!

    Good luck with your decision! Can't wait 'til lunch on Tuesday!!

  3. daisysfavoritethingsJune 8, 2008 at 2:10 PM

    See, Jess?!! I don't even remember there being chair covers or not at your wedding!! :o) It looked great though!

  4. i had chair covers and i think they made a huge differencec. i hated the chairs and was glad that i did in the end. they were like $3.50 a person. u can usually order them online and have friends set them up for you. if you cant find anything cheaper than $5.50 - and it's not in the budget then pass but i hope you can find some cheaper.


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