Monday, June 9, 2008

Very busy week!

Today, I have too much floating around in my brain to write my normal type blog!

Instead here's a list of all that I have to accomplish this week, it's especially a lot because I'm leaving this Saturday for Charlotte, NC then the beach with Kerri, my BFF and matron of honor! We'll be there until Thurs, then heading to Gatlinburgfor a girl's weekend with lots of other friends! Don't worry, I'll be workin hard at the beach- it's not all a vacation! Workin hard on my tan and getting lots of stuff done at night- like all of my wedding flowers!

-Alter wedding dress
-Finalize invitation address list
-Pick up/mail out invitations (can't wait to post on this later!!)
-Find outfits for engagement pictures
-Take engagement pictures
-Read book for premarital counseling
-Attend 2nd premarital counseling session
-Pack for the beach and following trip to mountains(includes buying more/packing all supplies for wedding bouquets!)
-Shop for food, etc for trips and food for poor fiance who might starve while I'm gone!
-Completely clean new townhouse
-Hang up pictures/decorate (at least a little!) new townhouse (having a shower here the day I return from beach/mountains!)
-Make list of things for fiance to do/keep clean at townhouse while I'm gone (big job!!)
-Finish putting together my curriculum packet for school (to turn in for the next teacher- would be done already if I hadn't just got my computer back to completely working!)
-Add to this to-do list!!

Time to get busy knocking stuff off this list!!!! Off I go..........

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