Monday, June 16, 2008

Centenial Park!

Apparently, we picked a very popular spot! While we were out taking engagement photos, we saw another couple and a bride also getting portraits done! :o) Plus, hundreds of other people out and about (It was Movies in the Park night!!) many of them taking pictures themselves!

It's a beautiful place with the stately Parthenon replica and beautiful grounds, little lake, lots of flowers and old trees to photograph by! (Although we did see a dead turtle and dead fish floating in the water! The columns around the Parthenon itself are wonderful for snapping shots- especially cool lighting/shaow shots!

Our photog- Shanell Bledsoe, is amazing! Ray was not exactly happy about having this done- espeically on a hot June day!- and she made him feel more relaxed and comfortable. We both ended up having fun, even though we both got pretty sweaty! It was a great chance for us to be able to sit in intimate spots around the park, and show some major PDA! :o) Tehe!

Can't wait to share some of the pics! But I can already tell you that I highly recommend Shanell!

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