Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10- Making a sign with cut-outs

31 days

This is part of my 31 day series on making wood signs. To see the other ways we've discussed making signs already, visit the 31 day introduction page.

I’ve got one last sign making method that I’m going to share! At least I think so! I keep thinking of more! Can’t tell I love them, can you?!

This method is super easy too! I couldn’t exactly think of what to label this type of sign making, so lets just go with cutouts!

Basically it’s taking pre-made words or designs and using them to make your signs. Totally confused? Me too! Cause I just don’t know what to call this! So let me explain!

I found this little wooden cutout at a craft store. Joann’s I think? I’m always at one of the trifecta of craft stores (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann’s), and tend to forget where I get what as far as random things like this go.


It’s got this weird denim-ish pattern on it, not my style. But friends are my style! I picked it up for $1 or less and figured I could use it for several signs!

Here’s what I did with it

1. I took a board I’d already painted white and placed it on top.


2. I placed it on some newspaper to avoid over-spray and gave it a couple coats (dry time in between!).


3. I immediately lifted off the letter, trying not to drag it at all so that it didn’t smear underneath.


4. Sanded it down on the edges and a little bit all over.


5. Then I added some hot glued alligator clips to hang pictures of….well, friends of course! Kinda blah just all on its own!


6. Hang on some pictures and you are good to go!


I also made this sign with a cut out I found at the Dollar Tree:


I no longer have the cut out to show you, but I made this using the same method as above!

Keep your eyes peeled in craft stores, dollar stores, or dollar sections of stores like Target and Walmart for things you can use to make yourself a fast and easy sign!

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