Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6- Making signs free-handed

We've covered where to find your wood, supplies,  making signs with your own or pre-made stencils, and making signs with stickers.

Today, I'm going to quickly cover free-handing signs, since this is pretty self-explanatory!

Here's a couple signs I've done free handed

Yes, these signs look sort of rudimentary, but that's the point! It looks like someone threw up a sign to sell their fresh eggs or to point you to their house on the lake!

I did these on very rough fence boards.

I painted them with an oops stain, even though the color of the boards was already pretty similar to this....I just wanted them to look a bit more weathered.

Then I sketched/spaced out the letters with pencil, and then just went for it with a thin brush, and some slightly thinned paint.

If you hate it, you can always paint back over with your base color!\

Honestly, these look a lot better in person than in the pics, in my opinion! They also sort of look like chalk signs! I even had someone at a sale worry that their son was going to erase the Lake House sign when he picked it up!

Personally, I think I have terrible handwriting (I even cried in 3rd grade when I got my first B ever in handwriting class!! Ha!), and yet even I was brave enough to give free-handing a go!!

I'm all about learning different techniques, and sometimes the most basic even works out!

I'd love to see if you have ever given free-handing a sign a go!! Post a link in the comments!

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