Monday, October 1, 2012

Thirty-one Days of Signs


Sooo, I’m starting up the business again getting back to making signs, and I thought I’d jump all in by joining in The Nester’s 31 days project! I know I’ll be among some great and intimidating company, and if nothing else this will be a spot for me to come back and look to for inspiration even if no one else ever reads it!!

For a little over a year and a half now, I’ve been making wooden signs, starting off  as gifts, then working onto creating a business Designs by Daisy, where so far I’ve sold at craft fairs and to some family, friends and friends of friends through posting my signs on Facebook.

I loooooove making them, and I’ve spent a lot of time searching ways to make them and finding inspiration from all over blog land.

My purpose in my 31 days topic is NOT to get you to buy my signs, but to share my methods and other methods out there that anyone can easily use to make their own, and to inspire you and myself with many different ideas by featuring different types of signs I’ve made and featuring different shops and blogs throughout blog land that share the same love of signs! Although if you are interested in any thing available that's great! Email me or see my Facebook page for current signs for sale! I'm currently only selling inventory, not custom made signs!

Here’s my plan so far for the 31 days:
(I’ll be coming back here and linking my posts up each day so that this is the landing place for all posts!)

Part 1 – Sign making supplies and methods
Part 2 – Beach signs (my favorite kind of signs!)
Part 3 – Random signs and features

Part 4 – Fall and Christmas Signs

Part 5 – Making signs as Gifts

Like I said, this is my tentative plan, and may change as I go along! I can’t even promise it’ll be 31 straight days, because I have this……

My three month old 

And this……

My two year old!

But I’m going to make my best effort to post as much as I can and hope you’ll follow along!
Check out The Nester’s linkup for all the others writing a 31 day series! There’s sure to be lots more great things to read!

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