Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5- Making signs with stickers

We've covered where to find your wood, supplies, and making signs with your own or pre-made stencils.

Today I'm going to talk about using stickers to make signs. This is a super easy way to make them, if you don't have a cutting machine and/or don't want to spend the time that using them or pre-made stencils takes.

 Look for ones that are raised or material other than normal flat stickers.

Here's a few examples of the stickers I have used to make signs and where I've found them.

These foam stickers I found at the Dollar Tree:

Here are a few signs I've made with them.

I even used some foam leaf stickers for the fall signs

I "love" this one, and also made one that says hope! I wish I had somewhere that these could go!

These scrapbook letters are adorable on their own (hard to tell but they are sparkly!), but do well for signs too. I found them at a craft store....maybe Michael's? I can't remember! (Don't forget to look for clearance stickers or use coupons!). They are perfect for this because they are really sticky, but can easily be removed and reused. And they are sort of like a cardboard material.

Here's how I made a sign with these stickers- truly it's as easy as paint wood, place stickers, paint wood, remove stickers! But let's go a little more into details with pictures so you can get a good idea if this is an option for you!

*Spray paint is going to be your easiest option with these. You can try with a brush and paint, but it'll be harder to get around the letters!*

1. Take your piece of wood and spray paint the whole thing. It doesn't have to be perfectly covered, just enough to cover where you'll put your wording and where you want to hit it with some distressing.

2. Place the stickers on in the word/design you have chosen.

3. Spray paint at least one coat over the top of your stickers. If you are going for full coverage, you may need to wait and spray a second coat after the first dries. My wood was pretty rough, which I wanted it to be, so I only did one coat since it probably would've taken too much paint to cover it fully anyways!

4. Wait for it to dry, then pull off your letters.

5. Distress if desired. Mine was rough enough already.

This is where you are done unless you are adding an embelishment like I did. I simply hot glued on a shell since I'd (purposely!) off centered my word. I thought just the word beach needed a little something extra!

It literally took me longer to write this post (drying time included!) than it did to make this sign! Soooo easy! Such a great option if you want a custom made sign but don't want to do a lot of work!

For now this sign is hanging out on a shelf in my living room, but it's also going to be up for sale! I list all of my signs for sale on my facebook page since I just don't have the time to keep up with etsy listings right now!!

I have 8 of these shelves and they are in need of a re-do since they all have pictures of my oldest daughter from her 2 yr old party!

Hope you will get some use out of this sign tutorial! It's so easy!

We've still got a few more posts to go on different ways to make signs!

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