Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Change of Plans!

I've decided to chuck all my wedding plans and go with this theme, so lovingly sent to me by my future sis-in-law! :o) You know these weddings were planned in the south!!

It all started out with me pickin’ up my blushin’ bride in a limo down at the 7-Eleven when she got off work
My pappy ran down to the Burger King to pick up the reception viddles.
took my blushin’ bride to a place where she could get dressed up and all.
My bride was having problems with a worked up stomach, if you know what I mean, so we had the preacher meet us at the outhouse for the ceremony.
Cousin Nester went to roastin’ up some wieners.
Meanwhile everyone enjoyed some yard games.
Some of the fellas went water skiing.
The Hatfield girls brought their guns, jest in case.
When all the fun was over, I took my bride to our honeymoon suite.
It even had air conditionin’.
After the honeymoon we loaded up and moved…
… to our beautiful waterfront condo.


Afterward, Pappy took a picture of my bride by her new tractor. It was a weddin’ gift from our uncle.



Now that the ceremony was done. It was time to celebrate. Granny had the cooler all stocked up with beer.



Bubba dragged out the grill.Wedding7



And just so you know, yes, I'm only KIDDING!! This made me laugh and was a good stress reliever! Can you believe that these are real pics? If you live in the South, I know your answer is yes!! So glad that neither one of our families are like this!!

And if you know the original creator of this email forward, I'd love to give credit!

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