Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My hard-drive has fried!

Am I speaking a) literally? b) figuratively? or c) both? If you chose c---ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner!!

I've already felt all day today like I was losing my mind! I keep misplacing things, I have a to-do list 10 miles long- including wedding stuff, moving my fiance, setting up a yardsale, final school projects, grades, graduation certificates, field day stuff.......AHHHH! I can barely handle it as it is!

Then tonight....horror of all horrors....I start getting errors on my computer. I knew to call Dell asap, and so I did! Right before I called, I was online, computer was running, I was able to actually do stuff after the first few errors. Then.....OF COURSE..as soon as I call...it no longer even turns on past the "disk error" screen!


So Dell is sending me out a new hard-drive! For the past oh....10 minutes or so, I've been sitting here listening to silence on the phone. So how am I blogging?? I'm still at Ray's/our new place where I was helping set up stuff tonight....I was just about to go home until I started getting problems! Probably should've waited until I got home to call seeing how it's been an HOUR now that I've been on the phone with this crazy lady who barely understands me.....oh and now she ASKS if she can put me on hold?? What was she just doing then??

Ugh!! She and I had about a 10 minute argument over my power cord too, because neither one of us understood what the other was saying, and neither one of us thought we were wrong in our descriptions!

Now, I love Dell and how they'll fix just about anything for you....but geez! I want someone who I understand and who understands me!!

How many times can she person say, "Let me just process this for you....." of "Let me just check that for you." They apparently can say it until I scream!!!

I tried last week to back up my files, but they were too big to fit on a CD.....and please....with all I've had going on who has the time!! I've lost it all before, and made sure to put at least my school stuff on backup frequently!

So this experience pretty much sums up how I've felt lately....crazy, confused, mad that I've lost yet again something else (all my files!!- I haven't backed up since maybe Feb.), and I've truly lost my mind!

Where is that beach vacation?? Ohhhhhh, I need it now!!  Ok, sorry for the vent post....It's time to go home, get in my bed and cry!!! :o(

Oh wait!!! First I have to add that, to add to all the craziness- and as more proof that I'm losing my mind....I was grocery shopping tonight, and had to use the bathroom.....no problem, right? I come out of the bathroom to a boy about 8 or 9 yrs old about to walk in...he gets confused backs up, closes the door, then opens it again as I'm going through...I think he's just confused that he needs to use the men's room now that he's too big to go in the ladies with mommy....Oh no....not the case...he's just confused as to why a woman is coming out the MEN'S bathroom!!!!!

See??? I am losing it!!!!!!

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