Saturday, May 3, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day!

Today is National Scrapbooking day! Yay, so exciting, right?? :o) I was searching a couple days ago on JoAnn's for some ideas for making t-shirts for my 5th graders for field day (surprisingly not looking for something wedding related!!) and saw that today is a national holiday for Scrapbook lovers! I wonder if that means there are lots of scrapbooking parties going on today!!

I personally would LOVE to have a scrapbook party, just so I'd actually carve out time for the enormous project I have to do- totally unwedding related- at least unrelated to my wedding!! I am REALLY getting into the scrapbooking thing lately!

So if you are a scrapbook lover, you might want to head out to Joann's or another craft store today for some good deals! Although, I'll be straight up honest and tell you I've seen Joann's have better prices on scrapbook stickers during regular sales! But there are lots of other supplies that aren't usually on sale!

Great time to stock up if you are thinking of creating your own wedding scrapbook for your self or someone else!

And I just found out that teacher's can get a card for 15% off every time you shop and Joann's, plus a one time 20% off coupon! Just have to show proof that you're a teacher, like a paystub, etc.  Wish I'd known that before, since its usually my craft store of choice!

Also if you frequent JoAnn's be sure to grab a flier (in your Sunday paper, in the mail, sign up for emails, or at the customer service desk!) to get 40% or 50% off an item not on sale- they usually run this coupon every week! You should of seen all the ones that Chaundra and I used to buy the fabric for the flower girl and jr. bridesmaid dresses!! (Which I can't WAIT for some progress on those to share! We found some great material!!)

There is this really cute scrapbooking tote, that I really want! Just waiting for when I can splurge! It's 40% off right now, so not too bad (originally $100!) but I just can't see myself spending that kind of money on something like this right now when I need so much else!!


My scrapbooking stuff is organized, but just in a bag, and I'm not loving the file organizer I got! Some stuff doesn't fit right!

But this is how I've left my stuff since the last time I sorted through it....ooops! :o) I tried to leave it out as inspiration to actually do some stuff....that didn't work!!!

(Oh look, it's another pile!!)

So, Happy Scrapbooking Day!!! Here's hoping I finish my projects soon!! :o)

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